Dedication Baby!

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So I drove 4.5 hours round trip to visit a CCO and the only free standing Sephora in my area.  Yeah, crazy. My poor 2 year old- he was a trooper. I think I recited "this little piggy went to the market.." about 30 times & pointed out every dump truck and digger on the road. LOL.


I found some really cool things that my local JCP Sephora doesnt carry (I didnt buy this but just looked at the colors):



YSL Lipstick in Caress Pink- SO PRETTYYYYYYYY



Météorites Compact Powder 02


And I finally matched my colors for LM silk creme, Hourglass Immaculate, Kat Von D Lock it foundation, and Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks (all items are on my wish list and I hope to try each after using up some of my other foundations).

Re: Dedication Baby!

I have the Meteorites Compact Powder and still haven't gotten used to the scent yet.  It seemed like a redundant step- but now that it's hot and humid I bet it gets more usage by me.

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Congratulations, roxystar4!  It's really great that you made the trip.  The touchy-feely in-store experience is so different than the visual-only online experience.

Re: Dedication Baby!

I love the meteorites compact, enjoy! 

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I'm really proud of myself for all the driving. I usually don't drive anywhere that's over 20 min from my house. I get highway hypnosis at night (I actually fell asleep once and got in a car wreck that totaled my car). Ever since that accident I have been timid about driving. I finally just decided to DO IT and set my mind to it.  I made sure to  get lots of rest the night before and to drive only during the day.

Re: Dedication Baby!

Ouch! Congradulations! I was in a really bad accident and didn't even want to sit in a car for half year, but you can't really live in US without a car unless you are in a big city like NYC. Glad you are able to make the drive. Don't be afraid to take frequent breaks during the trips if needed. Cheers!

Re: Dedication Baby!

That's great!


And good for you- I still avoid routes from an accident a year and a half ago.  So for you to just conquer the obstacle is being a great role model for your son.  Plus, you got to work on your truck identification skills.

Re: Dedication Baby!

That is so adorable (about your son) -- what a good sport! Smiley Happy


It sounds like it was a fun trip -- I love foundation matching excursions! I use the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick for touch ups and as a concealer sometimes -- I really like it.

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