Dark Angel MAkeup?

Hey ladies!!! I'm excited to say i just did my dark angel halloween makeup practice! What do you guys think? Do i look dark angle-y? Thanks!

-Jessi <3Snapshot_20121006.JPG

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I love your eyeliner! I've never been too good with that, and yours looks so precise. I think it will go very well with your costume.


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Definitely dark angel-y! Very pretty look that's not goth nor strange looking. Perfect for Halloween, great that you are practicing, nothing worse than getting ready to go out and finding that you are missing an important piece of makeup!

Oh I don't know, that smile kind of negates any dark effects. =P


Make up looks great, you might want to try a different hairstyle. I can do an awesome cat eye but can never get the bottom liner right. Ahhh, I can't wait to see what everyone does for halloween. teehee.


I really like this! Are you going to wear any lip color or sparkles on the face? I love Halloween for the perfect excuse to wear crazy colors and fun things like sparkles, stars and bright colored lips! 

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Your makeup is awesome Jessi! Not too dark but very pretty! Beautytester is right, you should do something crazy with your hair!! Something like maybe temorary dye.. or just a really wack look haha, but cute of course Smiley Tongue Tell us what you decide to do!! I'd love to see your full outfit! I wish I could dress up this year, fun fun!



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Realy like how you did your eyes, especialy the liner, Is it hard to do eyes that way, is that too much for a guy?

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