Constantly watery eyes - help

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So for the past week, my eyes have been watering all the freaking time. All day. All night. I've taken allergy meds to see if it helps, and pretty much gone barefaced, because I end up wiping/streaking whatever I wear. 


So any advice for how to stop the teary eyes? It's not pink eye or have anything irritating it. I don't wear glasses or contacts. 


And any concealer options that WON'T rub off (as least, not as easily?) I need under eye concealer... I can deal with no makeup on the rest. 



Re: Constantly watery eyes - help

(I worked for an optometrist before I quit to be a mom!)


Sometimes dry eyes can cause your eyes to water more.  Seems weird, right?  If you have a poor tear film quality, your eyes water more to try and compensate.  You could try some over the counter drops for dry eyes (individual droppers are best if you have sensitive eyes -- preservative free) and see if that helps.  Avoid drops for clearing red eyes.  There are even gels that you can use, but those are more for bedtime (they will cloud up your vision, but feel soothing).  Your optometrist/ophthalmologist should be able to tell pretty quickly if it's something going on with your tears, or if it's an environmental issue. 


My eyes water a lot, and sometimes people think something is wrong (especially when I go to the gynecologist or dentist!).  Nope -- just my watery eyes!   I hope you find some relief soon!

Re: Constantly watery eyes - help

Do you remember any particulars surrounding the time when your eyes first began to water? Have you noticed any difference made with the allergy medication? Even things like changing out air filters and laundering sheets/upholstery may help.


As for concealers, check out MUFE's Full Cover Concealer if you like creamy liquids, Tarte's Amazonian Clay Concealer if you prefer creams/sticks, and even check into Dermablend as it's designed for long wear with water proof/resistant qualities.


Re: Constantly watery eyes - help

Hey lylysa! Yay I'm glad you're here!


Honestly, I woke up, and one eye was just a little more teary. But no redness, itchiness, etc. Eyes are not glued shut or anything when I wake up. After a few days, both eyes started being watery. When I woke up they were a little red, but it faded after a few hours. They water more in the morning than in the evening. Today, the amount of watering is actually blurring my vision a bit. Yes, I know I need to go get it checked out, haha. Smiley Tongue 


I haven't seen a difference with the allergy medication, but then again, for all I know I may not be using the right kind. 


I'm not really partial to consistencies as long as it'll stay on! haha.



Re: Constantly watery eyes - help

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Have you used any new eye products lately? It's possible your tear duct may be clogged or having issues with drainage while you sleep, causing your eyes to be watery in the morning.


Definitely get it checked out if you say this has been going on for a week and you've noticed it progressing/getting worse. Gotta take care of those beautiful peepers! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Constantly watery eyes - help

No new eye products, and they're watery all day, just worse in the mornings.


Sigh. I was just hoping it would go away in time... LOL.



Re: Constantly watery eyes - help

Summer makes dust worse, maybe that is the cause of it being worse in the mornings. But get it checked out with your ophthalmologist like lylysa said.

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