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WARNING: A bit of a graphic story

Ok, so my Spring Break was not entirely great. When I arrived home from getting my garden's compost/soil mixture last week I found my only pet deceased in my backyard Smiley Sad Sox (snowshoe cat) was mangled in blood and slobber. I immediately knew it was my neighbor's dog/s that got loose onto my property. After breaking down in tears, I approached their driveway and saw the wife outside. I waved her to come to the road but she didn't, so I went up to her and their dog had the nerve to bite the heck out of my thigh. OUCH! I knew it was that same dog that killed my beloved pet because of all the blood on the dog's neck. I was so angry at this point! Anyway, after a simple "Oh, I'm so sorry" and a burial for my cat I have this lovely set of bruises on my leg -_- UGH! I'm quite embarrassed to wear shorts now that it's warm outside. Can you ladies please help me with a concealer to hide the bruises and won't wipe off onto my clothing? 



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Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. I've been leaning toward Kat Von D's lock it up, but unfortunately the nearest Sephora store is over an hour away and it's a JC Penny store so they don't carry "everything". I wholly review swatches online of products which hasn't really let me down yet (knocks on wood). I have Bobbi Brown's corrector in light bisque and the creamy concealer in sand as I use for my dark circles, but I think it would be too moveable and get on my clothing for the bruises.


As for the dog/s they are fenced in their yard, but the fence needed repairs as the neighbor told me which they were repairing it that very same evening. Yeah RIGHHHHTTT! 


I can't really do much in this situation about the bite since it was on "their" property, but as for my cat they offered to replace him. Umm. No, you can't just simply replace a member of the family. Hmm, tough situation. Guess I just have to let it go, but in the mean time when my emotions heal I do however want to get another pet, but who knows if that dog will attack again. Ehhh.

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Swipe the area of your leg down with rubbing alcohol to rid your skin of excess or bodily oils that can prevent the make up you're using from setting fully.


Again, pat and dab on the corrector and concealing product. Let it set for anywhere from 2-5 minutes and then using a large powder brush with translucent powder, tap/apply powder over the area. Avoid buffing or working the bristles down on the area as you don't want it to "move" or pick up any of the concealer.


If you have a setting spray you can use that over the area as well.


Triciaann's recommendations of Dermablend is a two hitter as it's meant for covering things like bruising, but also formulated to be longwearing on the body, including being transfer resistant, water resistant/proof, and quite durable.

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Aw, Spyski!!! Smiley Sad I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your cat! And I'm even more sorry that you had to suffer that nasty bite! I hope you're able to do something about your neighbor's dog. Maybe the neighborhood or community can be alerted that this dog can get quite violent and needs to be kept on a leash or kept in a blocked off area if it can just venture into your yard and attach your cat and get's so possessive that it will just attack someone walking up the driveway. That's seriously unsafe, what if it was just a pizza guy?


The photo has quite a warm tone to it, so I'm not 100% sure of the undertone of the bruising.


Follow this undertone/product guide to help conceal/neutralize the color:


If the bruising is more purple/eggplant, use a yellow based concealer or neutralizing product.


If the brusing is more blue/blue-violet, use a salmon or peached colored corrector.


If the bruising becomes green/grassy, use a red lipstick or pink based concealer.


You can look into products from MUFE's camoflauge cream palettes, Eve Pearl's Salmon Corrector/Concealer, Laura Mercier's camoflauge concealers, Benefit's Lemonaid (though it's meant for the lids, the yellow can be used to knock out purple tones), Bobbi Brown's correctors, to even including the use of a vitamin K cream. Vitamin K will help repair broken/leaky capilarries which are damaged, resulting in the brusiing.


Pat/dab the neutralizing color of your choice that best corrects the shade of bruising you have and then follow up with a super pigmented concealer. If you like liquids, Kat Von D, Amazing Cosmetics, and MUFE have great options. If you want a cream based concealer, try products from Cover FX, Benefit's Boi-Ing, or the MUFE camo creme palette.


Dermablend does offer great selections for super pigmented products too, ranging in stick concealers, liquids, and creams.


The important thing to do is dab and pat to blend out, you can even feather outer portions back to your skin by mixing a drop of moisturizer to thin down the formula so it's not as stark in contrast you're blending it out. Try to either wear a skirt or shorts to get color matched and test products in store as matching shades to your face/neck/hand might not be the same as your leg.


Best of luck, Spyski! My thoughts are with you in the loss of your cat and I hope you heal up super soon!

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Kat Von D's lock it concealer would work great. Its water proof and pressing a setting powder on top would ensure that its transfer resistant as well. Her concealer is one of the most pigmented concealers tha Sephora carries. I hope that helps. You can also walk into any store and have a castmember show you free of charge Smiley Happy

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This isn't right. Take her to court, call the police, or animal humane SOMETHING. Don't just let this horrible person and her dog get away with this. Plus the dog bit you for goodness sake.

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