I get really excited whenever there is a special limited time collection (ex: Hello Kitty collection). I thought of some collections that would be really awesome!

1) Harry Potter collection (or a magic collection) 

2) A flashback collection (makeup from each era of the 1900's- 1920's flapper, 1980's pop, etc.)

3) Neon Collection (really vibrant, neon colored makeup)


These are just some ideas, what collections would you like to see?

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I think a Harry Potter Collection would look awesome! I can already imagine the colors... some deep dark, shimmery blues, greys and purples and brighter colors reminiscent of the light that comes out of the wands during battles!! ooooh!!!


how about throwback 80s cartoon polishes based on Jem, GI Joe, He-man, Captain PLANET, That would be so wicked!


I would love to see collections inspired by regions of the world that don't get a lot of love like maybe different African states or even a Caribbean Collection! Imagine the colors you could do from Egypt to Nigeria to Kenya all the way down to South Africa!! And a portion of sales could go to organisations helping out in impoverished areas!

and of course a Caribbean Collection would be so fun!!!


I would love to see an Underwater collection inspired by different corals, fish etc. in the ocean!


Great Post!




I think you're on to something with the flashback idea. I just the King's Speech & Water for Elephants & I'm loving the whole 20s-30s glam look!

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I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a flapper-ish collection! Such a sexy style of doing makeup! 



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A NARS matte shadow collection where all the shadows in a palette are matte.

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