Cleaning out Makeup stash

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How often do you go through your makeup stash and get rid of old products or products you do not use/plan on using ?



Me perrsonally i try to go throught everything at least every 6 months for 2 purposes: 1 - to re-organize everything; 2- get rid of the items i do not use anymore/they have expired (ex: eyeliners became really stiff/ crumbly; mascaras dryed out). Sometimes if i have finished the product i'll toss the container out right away, or i'll keep it just in case  to make sure i'll get the same replacement.


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

I go through my make-up quarterly. Usually around the change of seasons. I can dig out colors/products that are more appropriate for the season, and put them in more prominent locations for easier access. Sort of like what I do with my closet! This also helps me keep tabs of what products are old, what needs to be replaced, and what I'm just not using. Then I can trash, replace or give away things that need it!


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

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Spring cleaning of the makeup !!!  After I saw this post I went through my makeup area and ended up getting rid of a ton of stuff. Totally made me feel better that it was cleaned out and hopefully my friend will be able to use most of this stuff so I wont have to A: save it to take to my sister to see if she wants it or B: Keep it cause i can't bear to throw it away or C: throw it away gasp !!!! I probably got rid of at least 100 items if not more and that doesn't include body products or lotions and perfumes or samples. Go me. feel better about not hording stuff I wont use. I usually go through my mkaeup area about once a month but do a heave cleaning at least once a yr.


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

Pretty frequently actually. I just updated my makeup organizer not too long ago (has 8 drawers now instead of the previous 5) so I have everything nice and neat and organized. I only keep things I love and use, anything I dont like/dont use anymore I put in a ziploc bag to give away to my mom. :smileyvery-happy:


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

About 6 months. normally change of seasons to rotate makeup for dryer/colder temps & for warm/humid. I started labeling my mascara with the date I opened it & always toss it as soon as the 3 month mark hits ( Ok maybe I extend it to 3.5-4 months :smileytongue:


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

I clean out all of my makeup when I know things are getting too old, if I use it up, and If it gets to unorganized. I just went through all of my makeup! I have been buying so much lately because everything I had was old. Now everything is nice and organized. 


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

During spring and fall cleaning, for sure, and any other time my shelves in the beauty closet look stuffed or things start to fall out on me! lol I don't keep empty tubes of stuff, I just add to my shopping list in the unlikely event that I would actually purchase the item again. (I'm so fickle)!!


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

1 or 2 months b/c I can't stand mkup everywhere :/


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

About every 6 months- when I do my serious deep cleaning in my room where it's all stored (hard to explain- it's a quarter bath).  I haul everything out of the vanity, so it's a perfect time to purge.


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

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This time, I discovered that my stash has grown so much in the past six months that I need to find a new way of storing my samples and deluxe samples!


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

I just went through mine the other day and threw out a bunch of free samples I could never use, like the Sephora illuminating primer. It's so orange and would look awful on my fair skin. I also threw out some old products and things I used once but didn't like (mostly drugstore stuff). I try to do that every 6 months.


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

I go through my (skincare) stash every month, but I don't throw things out. I just like organizing them. At first I organized by type (serum, cleanser etc)...

then I figured it would be more convinient if I categorize them by skin type (oily for summer, dry for winter)...

then I read an article that glycolic acid and retinol don't mix so I went through the ingredients list and seperated the products into those 2 cat...

then I realize I'm leaving things half finished so I'm categorizing them by un-opened, used rarely, almost done.....

then I will probably remember/discover/decide on something else and re-organize again. =.=


My goal is to use up enough skincare products so the remaining ones can fit in one shoebox/XL cookie sheet. =X


Re: Cleaning out Makeup stash

About 6 months or  when one product gets used or old. then i realize that i need to clean it out... come to think about it i just cleaned it out yeasterday!!


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