Christmas Wish List?
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So I was thinking about going on a shopping spree at Sephora before Christmas and I want to see what eveyrone else is buying or interested in the holiday season for themselves? Any new palettes / face products / eye products that have caught your eyes? What's on YOUR wish list this year?

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Knowing the way my family shops, if I am getting anything from Sephora, it will be a gift card. 


I did make a registry for them to look at but there is a 99.9% chance they will not pay any attention to it.  Since mascara is supposed to be thrown out in either 3 or 6 months, I put those on the list.  Cannot remember if I did the gold sparkle one from Givenchy or not.  The viewers are a little more traditional so probably not. 


If I had to shop for a younger woman or someone who liked makeup, Sephora's Bestsellers would be the box set of choice. If there were lots of women to shop for, I would buy the mascara set and split them up in stocking stuffers.  And if there were nailpolish junkies, the huge set by OPI would also be split. 


I also put some input into this thread of things I thought were interesting gift sets for the holidays:


Maybe I would grab the Tarina Taratino Sparklicity items to feel festive.  I've also thought about trying accent false lashes (if I had somewhere to go and if they would blend in properly) and crystals  just for the fun of it.


I was looking at two eyeshadow palettes but since they are not coming to the states, nothing else at the moment has been a want/musthave/omgggggsooawesome. 


PS. If you don't already have one, you should get a Clarisonic!!


I'm stocking up on Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Peel before the F&F sale ends. Probably some replacement brushes for my Mia too.


I use my "Shopping List" to hold stuff that I think I want, but am not sure.. so there's a bunch of stuff in there that I'd like, but don't really want to buy myself. Like a tokidoki brush, and passe pouches.. DKNY Be Delicious rollerball duo (I need to try it before I buy it though because I get migraines with a bunch of perfumes)


No makeup though, because I'm on a "No Buy" until I use or get rid of at least 75% of the stuff I have.

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Hi how are you!?


So, My wish list on here is so long I'm scared to even total it all lol! I have things that I want ranging from different color OPI nail polishes to my favorite mascaras and skincare lines. I love YSl and buxom mascaras and Stila liquid eyeliners. I also would like to try out the new origins line. I heard  that it's really good and I've been wanting to try a natural skincare line. My favorite perfumes are also in there... I love light blue from D&G and flower by Kenzo. I plan on buying his new one called flowertag, I think. So so many products but then I'd be typing away forever lol!

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Ohh my gosh theres so much for a wish list for Sephora lol .... Ive been thinking of a few things though ... My boyfriend almost always gets me something from Sephora for any gift giving occasion so i've been making a little list lol. 


-Close Up: Real Life To Red Carpet Natural To Dramatic Face Tutorial -Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules.

-Glo Glo Brilliant personal teeth whiting device 

-Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Set 

-Soap and glory you cube set 

-Tocca Beauty Candle de Viaggio Travel set. 

-Too Faced on the Prowl

-Sephora Beauty and the Bride collection.


Sooooo much more but these are on the top of my list for this coming Christmas Smiley Happy




Hi there!

I would definitely recommend purchasing either separately or the box set of Makeup forevers HD products- primer, foundation, translucent powder. I recently bought them and can't stress enough on how amazing these products are. Leaves such a flawless finishSmiley Happy Enjoy your shopping!!

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I purchased the Too Faced Swwet Dreams Palette and I love it. I have the Matte Sahdows collection as well that I really like for everyday. Any of the Tarte line of Amazonian Clay powder blush is great as is the Balm in Cabana Boy
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