Cheap Makeup consequences?
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Well, I need to know this not only because i'm curious, but also because my mom always tells me that i'm crazy to buy such expensive makeup. For her, even Maybelline or L'oreal is expensive. I mean she wears those Chinese makeup that can cost even $1 or $2 a cream foundation with a range of tones that include 4 colors (?), and I would never be able to try, but just to see my mom I can notice that her face looks like a mask, I don't want imagine the consequences of using this makeup. And she always says that there can't be no difference between the makeup she uses and the makeup I use, which of course is not true. My point is i'm tired that she always makes a scene (even when it's my money or my dad's money) or laugh at me or tell me i'm crazy for buying these makeups. I know there is a huge difference, specially in quality, but i'm not exactly sure what are the differences and consequences, bad ingredients, etc, and I would like to know everything more specifically, to can show my mom that she's wrong and i'm not insane.

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The differences are ingredients, staying power, shades and pigmentation when it comes to shadows/glosses. It is also hard to find good primers, if any, at drug stores. For example,  I HATE Cover Girl products because their foundations are just bad and so are the shadows. The only good drug store brand is Loreal and perhaps Maybelline's mascara. e.l.f eyeshadows are good for the price, but the lip glosses are too thick and sticky, as is the case with other glosses. More expensive products also stay around a lot longer. I have a few Lancome and Urban Decay products that I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of. With drug store brands, it is also much more challenging to find correct shades of concealer, foundation and tinted moisturizers. The lipsticks are more drying and do not stay on as long. Plus the cases are not as study, which is the case for shadows, lipsticks..etc. Also, with most drug store eyeshadows, even with primer, a couple of hours after application, you can see it wearing off already.

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