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So I've been asking a few different questions about How to make my small eyes stand out - and get more attention, look better, more wide eyed. I've also been asking how to make my face look fresh and just have an overall radiant glow, beautiful perfection.


I know the idea product for these would be some sort of highlighter or something? What would you recommend?? Someone mentioned to me the Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch - but I don't know much about it. Can anyone vouch and tell me if it's worth the money? Or give me other products  that work wonders? Thanks!!

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I find that natural browns help make eyes look wider. I absolutely swear by my Urban Decay Naked and Naked2 palletes.



As for highlighters, I am currently using the Lacome ÉCLAT MIRACLE. I think it works well, especially on my cheeks, temples, and under my eyebrows.


There are also some great kits out there, including the BE Radiant & Refreshed kit.



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The Touche Eclat Radian Touch by YSL is a powerful little pen! To make lips fuller, put it inbetween the cupids bow and underneath the middle portion of the bottom lip. For all over radiance, put it in innner corners of the eyes, underneath arch of eyebrow, on sides and bridge of the nose, and on sides of the lips. Looking/feeling tired? Put it in inner corners of eyes, underneath eyes (over top of concealer, or in place of) and underneath arch of the eyebrow. This pen is FANTASTIC and I love it!


Don't ever line your water line, as this will make your eyes appear smaller. When lining the top lid, stick as close to the lash line as possible (this is called "tight line") but you can go thicker on the outer 3rd of the eye if you wish.


Fresh Supernova Radiance Brightening Pen is cheaper than YSLs and is pretty similar. For me this works a bit better since one shade matches me near perfect, where with YSL I sometimes need to use to different shades, depending on whether or not I have gotten some sun.


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy


I really like high beam by benefit . Its affordable, and you can use it as a highlighter on your browbones, cheekbones, and other places, or you can mix it with moisturizer and apply it all over you face.


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Hey Chicka, I suck at anything to do with eyes, but Sephora has a ton of good ideas on youtube, for New years I tried the Shimmering Smoky Eye by Tara Tarentino, I was amazed at the results, so I recommend giving that a whirl. I also strongly advise getting the SEPHORA COLLECTION brush wand- its super compact with all the essentials and magnetized. Best part its only $10! 

As as far as the face, I must be an expert by now, so my two favs: Right now I use the best selling Laura Mercier luminizing tinted moisturizer in Natural radiance and Bare Escentuals powder using Sephora brands Airbrush. It creates a luminous look for all skin types, I happen to have rather oily skin so finding a luminizing glow that doesn't make me look greasy is very hard to find! Last time I was at sephora, the sample size by the checkout was actually cheaper for the amount you got (1oz for $20 as compared to $42 for 1.7oz) so if you can get your mitts on that, its a steal! My second and most recent conversion was to Miracle Skin Transformer. When they say it gives you an Airbrushed and luminous complexion in minutes, they really are not kidding. I also used my Bare escentuals loose mineral powder with this, but I didnt have to use much AT ALL. It drastically cut down my morning routine and I had to use blotting papers way less to control my excessively oily skin. My friend has normal skin and I made her try it and observed her throughout a really hot day (Hawaii is always warm) and she had a dewy luminous glow all day with NO touchups. Needless to say I was jealous. Its a $48 product, but it is well worth every penny and then some in my opinion, saves me from using any sort of concealer or primer. Best part is, both of these luminizers are SPF20. If you have any more questions, feel free to reply, I monitor sephora heavily. Smiley Tongue

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