Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

This is my first time ever posting on BT, I see a lot of talk about BB but the price is sometimes more than I want to pay (I'm a bargain shopper and with higher end cosmetics is hard to feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck). I found two sets at Macy's that seem like a really good price for what you get, so I would appreciate your personal opinions on which set you would purchase, and which items you've tried.


Thanks in advance for your responses!


Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Set - A Macy's Exclusive Web ID: 1331114 $70 ($150 value)

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Bobbi Brown Bobbi's Essential Summer Edition Web ID: 1324382 $80 (value not listed)

Bobbi Brown Bobbi's Essential Summer Edition.png

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

Hi ddstevens22!


I love Bobbi Brown products! I definitely think her stand out products are the brushes, the shimmer bricks and the gel eyeliners. They are terrific quality and worth every penny! Another underrated product from Bobbi Brown's line is her fragrance, Beach. Beach is the perfect mix of jasmine and mandarin and reminds me of long summer days spent lying out by the pool or on the beach. It is the loveliest scent! Smiley Wink




Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

It seems as though there isn't a lot of Bobbie love here, but I love a lot of her products! I'm not daring enough for intense colors and prefer a more subdued look, so maybe that is why I like Bobbi's makeup so much.


A few of my BB loves:

Foundation: works really well for me. I have very, very fair skin and her foundation

matches my complexion better than any other brand I've tried. Most other brands are way too pink for me.

Gel Eyeliner: This doesn't move around on me like and I find it very easy to apply

Blush: Everyone loves Nars orgasm (and so do I!) but I also really like Bobbi's blushes. Pretty pink is a nice, natural looking lit from within color on me.

My newest BB addition that I love is the Creamy Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet- such a great, classic red lip!


BB products I don't love:

Lip glosses: Too sticky for me, although I am not really a lip gloss kind of girl

Mascara: Don't really do anything for me, not enough "wow"

Glittery Shadows:  a lot of fallout

Shimmer Bricks: Too glittery for me


Hope this helps!

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I like their sets for when I travel.  I used to use their eye makeup all the time, especially the gel liner, but I think they changed the formula.  When I use it now it flakes a lot, and doesn't last all day anymore.  The bronzers are nice, and they have good brushes.  Eyeshadows are okay.  I use BB a lot more in the summer because the products seem more neutral.  I don't like their foundation; it irritates my skin and smells bad.  Hope that helps.

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

Honestly, BB is nothing to ride home about.


I tried some of their gel liners at my local Sephora, I wasn't blown away. The gel itself is smooth, creamy, and easy to apply, but it's not necessarily opaque, and over-priced for what it is. I find that most of BB's palettes are dull, and boring. Dirty taupe and glittery, shimmery colours are what I usually see, and the payoff isn't great. It's severely overpriced for the quality. 

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I to wouldn't recommend BB for the price. 

I think they're fair products that I would potentially consider at a lower price. maybe if they were similar to the UD ... then I'll use them as a cheaper alternative for high end items. 

Their foundation is lacking - is not something that's worth $50 

their eyeshadows aren't that pigmented and still isn't a subtle mature glow either for the price. 

mascaras are okay.. brushes are pretty good, their gel liners harden before you get to finish the pot, etc.. 


Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I used to wear BB gel eyeliners and then found that they changed formula or something so that they dried out much quicker. (And yes, I was careful to immediately close the pot after I scooped out enough to apply.) The more metallic colors (like a nice purple) were difficult to apply, skipping across the lid. A basic dark brown I used was discontinued and I never got around to trying to find it in a new shade. I switched to Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners because of these issues.

I used to use her cream pot shadows but the second or third time I bought Stone color (my fav color), it seemed to also dry too quickly. This made me switch to powder shadows in different brands.


Her brushes are okay. I have her blush brush but it seems too flimsy. I have her flat concealer brush (which is pointed on tip) and I think her brand of the more pointed one--those are okay but I prefer it to be flat on tip instead of pointed. I have her lip brush which seems okay but I don't use lip brushes that often. I have her powder brush but replaced it with a Trish one.


I used to use one of her liquid foundations and one of her sticks but discontinued using them for various reasons (wrong color, too heavy in application, made me oily) and I replaced those with others.



Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I wasn't really impressed with BB in general. There are better products for the price you pay. I think I would go with the first one if I have to choose between them.

Here are my thoughts on a few products I previously owned from BB and hopefully it will be helpful for you to make the decision:

Traveling-size brushes: Very average quality.

Matte eyeshadow: smooth and pigmentation is ok.

Shimmering eyeshadow: no pigmentation at all, lots of fallout ( stay away from this)

Gel liner: It glides on very smoothly, but smudges on my eyes within a couple of hours.

Lipgloss : very sticky, worse than drugstore brand. ( They do have a lot of pretty nude colours)

Pot rouge : This is the only product I really enjoy from BB and I love the shade Fresh melon so much.


Sorry for the mostly negative feedback on Bobbi Brown, it just does not work for me at all. Mac and UD have way better products Smiley Happy This set does sound like an amazing value. Good luck with the purchase!

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I sat down at the Bobbi Brown counter at Neiman Marcus yesterday and got my makeup done (my first BB experience). I ended up buying quite a bit since I loved pretty much everything she used. I kind of wish I'd have waited and bought one of these sets though...


This is what I bought:

-Gel eyeliner + brush

-Foundation Stick




I noticed a little bit of fallout from the eyeshadows she applied, which is why I passed on those (not to mention I have similar colors to what she used). I really liked how the mascara ended up on me, especially since she didn't curl my lashes. I didn't purchase it, but it came in a GWP.


Also, in terms of value for the second one: gel eyeliner = $23; lipstick = $25; full-size liner brush = $26 (this is what I paid, Macy's says $27, but it also looks shorter so I'm not sure if that changes things); shimmer brick = $42; full-size face-blender brush = $48 (again, this is a shorter version); full-size mascara = $25 (this might be a mini)

So this set is valued anywhere between $139 - 189 (low end using half price of brushes and mascara; high end using full size prices). Basically at least half off.


Good luck with your decision! Oh, SirenPrincess is a huge BB fan, maybe she'll have some input for you too if she's around?

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I got the Summer Essential Set from QVC. I am a big Bobbi Brown fan. l got this set because I think her gel liner is the best out there and the liner brush is a must if you use her gel liner but aside from that I ended up not  careing much for this set.  I would chose the first set you posted. The things I think are special about her line are her gel liners and cream shadows. Those are what sold me. She also  is about teaching you to look you best. She is more into nude colors to accent your facial features than a bright teal eye for example. I go to Mac for things like that.

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I'd skip their eyeshadows and mascaras but I pretty much love everything else they have. Eyeshadow is alright but isn't worth what I paid for it. They have amazing blushes, bronzers, foundation (in my top three), shimmer bricks, gel eyeliners, brushes and lipsticks that I looooove. 

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I swear by the gel liners and the blushes. 


I also love the lip colors but they have zero staying power. 

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I completely agree. Everything is quite lovely. I don't get why the quality of the eyeshadows aren't up to par with the rest of the bb items. 

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I love certain things from BB.  I am very happy with the quality and pigmentation in her blushes.  I also like her gel eyeliner very much.  The shimmer bricks are VERY shimmery which is not my thing.  The lipsticks and glosses are good quality.   The mascara does NOTHING  for me. I like her brushes  Her eyeshadows are ok but there are better ones out there for less money.  

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I can't speak to anything except for their eye shadows. The eye shadows don't have as much payoff as some mid range products like urban decay, Tarte, or stila. So for eye shadows I'd say it's not worth the price u pay.

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I ordered the first one that day it came out, I got a great GWP too! a BB lipgloss palette and deluxe mascara!

Re: Bobbie Brown Products, To buy or not to buy?

I just pre-ordered the first set at Macy's today!  Also since Beauty Week is coming up they said when I go pick it up on thurs I will get a GWP mini skincare set!  For me I prefer the 1st set because of the blush (they said it was a bronzer but it's definitely pigmented and colored like a blush, so weird), I love the pretty rosy color and when swatched it has a bit of sheen, whereas the shimmer brick in the 2nd set is just way too much glitter/shimmer for me (although if you're into glitter/high shimmer it'd be a wonderful pick).  Also I tend to prefer lip gloss over lip sticks, again just a personal preference.  Lastly, I never could turn down an eye palette. Smiley Happy


I took some time to decide between them also.....either one looks delicious and both are a really good intro to Bobbi Brown!

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