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What shades should I wear? I don't really where blush often because I never know what color to wear. I have light blonde hair, green eyes and medium skin with yellow undertones. I already have a coral with lots of gold, but what other colors should I try?


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Sounds like peaches/pinky-peaches would look really nice on you. I'd recommend checking out swatches of...


-Nars Madly (seashell pink) *my favorite, very natural not heavily pink, more of a pinky-nude brown but looks quite good with a bold lip when you don't know what cheek color to use... also good for the days where I don't want to wear a bronzer as well

-Nars Luster (golden apricot)

-Nars Sex Appeal (soft peach)

-Tarte Exposed (nude) - described as a nude but comes off on my skin as a brown with a hint of berry... quite nice but a little more noticeable/obvious than the others

-bareMinerals Golden Gate (mauve lilac) - if you want to try a loose blush this is my favorite from BM... weird color description, but again its not too heavily colored, very natural color that just adds some warmth to the cheeks


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Tarte's Exposed blush. Goes well with any makeup look you have going on! :smileyhappy:


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A great matte color would be Harmony from M.A.C. it can be used as a bronzer as well :smileyhappy: I'm olive toned and I love's my go-to :smileyhappy:

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