Best way to clean makeup brushes?

I was just wondering what is the best way to clean my makeup brushes?

For example if one day I used a dark shadow & the next day I want to use a light shadow with the same brush but don't want any of the shadow I used from the previous day. Even if I brush the brush on a paper towel or something it doesn't always come off & I find that out once it is already on my face. Plus I want to both take the makeup/shadow off the brush and really clean the brush as well.

Thank You!

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I give mine a "good cleaning" once a week with sephora's shampoo for makeup brushes but you can really use any kind of regular shampoo.....I've never actually had a problem with color coming off from the previous days makeup.....usually after I'm done with my brushes after I put my makeup on everyday, I wipe them off as best as I can with a paper towel or kleenex....the next day I'm pretty much good to go....I honestly don't have any problems....and I have several brushes too, so it would be really tiresome to actually "wash/clean" them up every single night.  Good LuckSmiley Happy

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pRETTY IN pa has got you covered!  I do mine the exact same way. I use Sephora's brush cleaning soap and it works great.  Brushes used for wet products, such as foundation,  cream eyeshadow,  lipstick should be washed out after every use. Brushes used for powders should be cleaned at least once a week or as needed.

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