Best way to clean makeup brushes?

I was just wondering what is the best way to clean my makeup brushes?

For example if one day I used a dark shadow & the next day I want to use a light shadow with the same brush but don't want any of the shadow I used from the previous day. Even if I brush the brush on a paper towel or something it doesn't always come off & I find that out once it is already on my face. Plus I want to both take the makeup/shadow off the brush and really clean the brush as well.

Thank You!

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I use a brush cleaner (Sephora makes a good one) to really clean my brushes, gets out foundation and all types of shadow and gel liners. Some people clean their brushes with baby shampoo, that works well too. Always remember to dry your brushes flat, don't put them bristles up in a container as the water in the ferrule (where the bristles are glued in) will cause them to fall out.

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