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Best way to apply foundation

I have applied my foundation with my hands, sponges, and brushes. I don't know which one I should use. I usually use my hands but i don't like the finished product and I feel that my hands have oil and dirt on them and it is bad for my face. Sponges soak up a lot of foundation, but they are good because you use them once and then throw it out. However, brushes use less of foundation to get the same coverage but i feel like it tugs at my skin a bit and I have to consistently wash it everyday before I leave the house, making my makeup routine longer. Which do you prefer?

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depends on how my skin is that day! if its a little normal to oily i will use my stippling brush! if my skin is on the dry side even after putting moisturizer i will use a damp sponge (so it doesn't absorb too much foundation, but do wring out the excess water from the sponge). i use the rounded side of the sponge and kinda use a dabbing/bouncing motion. i dnt have a beauty blender yet... becuz im trying to finish out my sponges! (didn't want to throw it out yet... sponges are cheap but i have the 500 count.. minus a few ones....hey it's still money! Smiley Tongue)


i find if i use a stipling brush when my skin is on the dry side the foundation "cakes up"  and shows the dry spots especially around the forehead! becuz you are using buffing motion to blend the foundation with the stippling brush.this lifts dead skin cells and the foundation lodges in between it, thereby highlighting your dry flaky skin! if you use a damp sponge its not very noticeable. just try this! 

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