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Best way to apply foundation

I have applied my foundation with my hands, sponges, and brushes. I don't know which one I should use. I usually use my hands but i don't like the finished product and I feel that my hands have oil and dirt on them and it is bad for my face. Sponges soak up a lot of foundation, but they are good because you use them once and then throw it out. However, brushes use less of foundation to get the same coverage but i feel like it tugs at my skin a bit and I have to consistently wash it everyday before I leave the house, making my makeup routine longer. Which do you prefer?

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I find that no foundation is the same and that it's up to you how to guage what tool works best with whatever foundation you are using.

BTW if using a sponge you need to make sure it's damp, that way it absorbs far less of your make-up.

I really prefer using brushes above all else and honestly unless you are a make up artist and are using your brushes on different people all the time you really needn't get too obsessive about cleaning your brushes everyday especially foundaton brushes which are usually synthetic/taklon. I wash mine every four to five uses and I have had no problem.

but like I said it depends on the foundation.

Using anything but a foundation or stippling brush with Make uP Forever HD foundation is a waste of time for me. I've only gotten the finish I want using a brush.

MAC Studio Tech foundation I apply with a foundatoin brush then smooth and blend out with a damp sponge.

A lot of people swear by using their fingers with NARS Sheer Glow foundation.

I love applying extra liquidy foundations with a stippling brush or something like the Sephora Airbrush brush or Sigma F80.


I really think you should look into the Beauty Blender though since nothing is satisfying you:


A lot of MUAs swear by this product so it's worth looking into.


hope that helps!

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I use a stippling brush for an airbrushed effect, that seems to me to be the best way to apply foundation. Fingers seem to leave streaks and I never got good with a sponge, the stippling brush is goofproof, which is all right by me!Smiley Very Happy


I use Sephora's spray on brush cleaner which is fast, just spray and wipe, so it doesn't add but a few seconds to my routine time.


You can use a foundation brush, foundation sponge or your fingers to apply foundation—just whichever feels and works best for you.  There is no right or wrong tool to use to apply it.  Here is a quick explanation of what I do when I apply my foundation:  Just put a little foundation on your fingertip, brush or sponge.  Dot it over the face—on the nose, the cheeks, the chin and the temples and in between the brows.  Using the tips of two fingers, a brush or a small clean, dampened sponge (from which excess water has been removed) to blend the foundation.  Always work from the center of your face outwards, to avoid an accumulation of the foundation around the hairline.  Move from the cheeks to the ears, from between the brows down over the nose, from the chin out towards the jaw, then onto the neck.  Work quickly, carefully and lightly.  Blend well around the hairline, on the neck, below the eyes and behind the ears.  Blot your face with a clean dry tissue, pressing it lightly over your skin.  Finally, dust fine, loose powder over your face to set your makeup


I personally use either my Smashbox foundation brush or my MAC stippling brush to apply my liquid foundation.  If you decide to use a brush, I think it's important to spend a little extra money to get a good quality brush and it will last for years if you take good care of it and clean it properly.  I personally use Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner.


I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy


Like some of the ladies have said, there isn't really one right way to do it. It comes down to your preference and how each technique works with your habits and the kind of finish you desire. I also flip from using fingers to sponges to brushes and it all depends on how I want the foundation to look on that particular day. If I want a very natural touch, I'll use either a tiny speck of liquid foundation and blend with a brush or put dab it on with sponge wedges. For fuller coverage, I might go right in with my (clean) fingers. I think it's worth testing and practising all the different techniques to figure out which works best for you. Lately I've been using the sponge a lot because I find it's faster in the mornings. I'm sure it's going to switch again to something else soon.


Try a Beauty Blender, make it damp so it doesn't absorb the makeup. One of my favorite ways to apply foundation. I should do it more often haha.


Try dampening your sponge with water before you use it, it keeps it from soaking up too much foundation and it helps the foundation go onto your face much smoother.  Also using a primer first would help with the brush tugging because primers also make foundations go on smoother.


I love using the stippling method to apply liquid foundation which only takes 5 mins for a perfect pixelated look and it's so simple. Since I've started using this method I haven't gone back to any other methods. My stippling brush is also duo fibre which takes less product and therefore, save you money in the long run. I literally use only a half to 1 pump max of my Dior Nude Foundation and the results are always satisfying.

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depends on how my skin is that day! if its a little normal to oily i will use my stippling brush! if my skin is on the dry side even after putting moisturizer i will use a damp sponge (so it doesn't absorb too much foundation, but do wring out the excess water from the sponge). i use the rounded side of the sponge and kinda use a dabbing/bouncing motion. i dnt have a beauty blender yet... becuz im trying to finish out my sponges! (didn't want to throw it out yet... sponges are cheap but i have the 500 count.. minus a few ones....hey it's still money! Smiley Tongue)


i find if i use a stipling brush when my skin is on the dry side the foundation "cakes up"  and shows the dry spots especially around the forehead! becuz you are using buffing motion to blend the foundation with the stippling brush.this lifts dead skin cells and the foundation lodges in between it, thereby highlighting your dry flaky skin! if you use a damp sponge its not very noticeable. just try this! 

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I use the Sigmax Face Brushes. For foundation, I use the round top brush.

I promise you the brush will make your foundation go on smoothly and consistently on the face.

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