Best swim proof, water proof, beach proof makeup products
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Hello, I am going on a long  vacation in two weeks and would like to know some tried and true make up products (cover up, eye liner, mascara etc...) that are extremely waterproof/swim proof. I know of a few and would like to hear if anyone has some tried and true products they use for vacations/beach play.


I appreciate your feedback!

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Thanks to those that have responded already. Actually there are quite a few products that are truly water proof /swim proof, which I use when I go on vacation and have had the product last through swimming in the pool/beach/ocean.

I was just curious if anyone knew of any other products that I wasn't aware of. I have listed the products I have found to be very waterproof that you can go in the water for long periods of time and still have most if not all your makeup still on.



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