Best primers for different skin types

Not all primers work equally well for everyone. I have had my share of hits and misses and I thought we might share our primer experiences! I have oily skin and here are the products I've tried:


Smashbox Photo Finish: Good, smooths out skin very well, is mattifying. But can clog pores a bit.


Smashbox Photo Finish Light: my fave primer. Isn't as smoothing as the regular photo finish but is mattifying and makeup stays on very well.


Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing: isn't really smoothing and the consistency isn't as creamy as the other Smashbox primers. I appreciate the attempt to make a 2 in 1 product but would recommend using a clear primer and separate highlighter.


NARS Makeup Primer: So disappointing, a complete waste of time and money. The formula is watery and made absolutely no difference in the staying power of my makeup.


Would be interested in hearing about other brands Smiley Happy

Re: Best primers for different skin types

Hello Pocketvenus,


I personally love the Stila One Step Correct  because it does not feel heavy on my skin and has the three colors that even out my skintone.  I like that my foundation goes on very smooth when I put this underneath it and how it minimizes any fine lines.


One Step Correct


I also like the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer because it has a light texture and has a bit of retinol in it for anti-aging. It also has vitamins A&C to help brighten my face.


Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer

<3 Melissa

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Melissa, can you use these with both liquid foundations and mineral? Today I wore a liquid foundation by L'Oreal. ( I am out of my balance and brighten by Laura Geller)  I liked the way it looked from far away. lol Up close I could see the makeup in the pores, which were huge, not pretty. lol. xoxo

Re: Best primers for different skin types

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Thanks for the replies, ladies!

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I have really dry 55 year old skin, and just tried a really nice primer called Spackle  by Laura Geller, It works great!!! I ran out of that  and can only order it on line as I don't live near a store that carries it, ( they are few and far between). So I just got Smashbox photo finish color correcting, (it's green) primer. It works fantastic. I've used it under mineral makeup and liquid foundation. Actually it was recommended to me a while ago by my favorite Sephora make up ...ahh consultant?.....sales person?.... nah... Candice is a make up artist.!!!! Where else do you get great advice when they're not pushing just one product.. Oh I love my Sephora!!!!!!!!  xoxo

Re: Best primers for different skin types

hi, pocketvenus!


my fave primer is dr. brandt's pores no more pore refining primer. you don't need to use much and it really does hide my pores. other primers i have used are sephora mattifying primer, which worked pretty well, smashbox was too thick, i think, and it clogged my pores. fresh fresh face rose primer had a beautiful scent and actually controlled oil! korres was too gummy for me. i hardly ever wear makeup,  so i haven't tried a lot of them, but there a lot of them on my list for when i do actually have a job!

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