Best makeup for a 14 year old??

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I know what everyones going to say "your too young to wear makeupp!!!!" so if your going to say that, please leave this question. But I was wondering what makeup is best for me?


I have brown hair

Gold/Green eyes

Light/Medium Skin





Re: Best makeup for a 14 year old??

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Okay, so I am young too, (i don't want to say my age) but I personally like the stila trios for a very natural look that has some shimmer. They have a great baked one and another one that I love. Stila makes great shimmery eyeshadows. I would go for the Revlon Colorstay blush in the shade rose for your skintone. If you are not wearing primer, foundation or tinted moisturizer I would choose a different blush, though because it doesnt last very long. I would also recommend to you the too faced glamour to go palette (Dream Edition). Also, the natural too faced palette is great. I would suggest you try them out!!! Top it off with a lip gloss from NARS or another brand that has highly pigmented glosses.

Re: Best makeup for a 14 year old??

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I get that phrase too. 11 year olds don't need to wear it, so what do I do? I wear it.


But anyway...I only wear eyeshadow, blush, and anything for the lips.

So I can give you tips there.


For the eyes, since your eyes are green, I suggest using shades of brown or purple. A very light hand and lavender eyeshadow looks gorgeous with green eyes, or you can use light shades of brown for the natural look. Urban Decay has a ton of eyeshadow colors, so they most certainly have lavenders and browns. As for mascara, just use your favorite. You'll know what's best for you when you find it.


For your cheeks, it depends if you have warm or cool undertones, but it doesn't matter with few blushes. Stila's Color Changing Blush reacts to your phD and finds the right color for you. I suggest the Self-Adjusting Pink color...and remember, even though the product in the container looks scary, just barely tap it with your blush brush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks for that beautiful glow.


For the lips. I am a lip product JUNKIE, so this'll be easier. (For me, at least.) It depends which lip colors you like. With light-medium skin I think you'd look gorgeous in nude-pinks. NARS Lipstick in Cruising is by far the most gorgeous neutral pink lipstick I've seen so far, so you would look great in that. I don't even think you need gloss, but if you do want some over the lipstick just use a clear gloss.


I hope this helps! ♥

Re: Best makeup for a 14 year old??

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I don't think you're too young to wear makeup--it's natural that you want to look your best, at any age!


The blessing with your age is that you don't need to wear a LOT of makeup--you can do with just some hints of shimmer and color. 


I've done makeup for a lot of girls your age, so here are my tips:


If I were you, I'd stay away from heavy products (you shouldn't need cream foundation, eyeliner, or super-dark colors). Whatever you do, please do NOT line your eye in black eyeliner--it really closes off your eyes and gives you a trampy look you don't want at your age.


For your overall face, I'd go for a bit of powder, if you have greasy skin or are wanting to even out your skin. Clinique or Bare Minerals might be some good brands to check out, because their formulas are very light.


If you want a hint of blush, go for a peachy-pink shade of blush that has a touch of gold in it (Tarte has a great color)


As far as eyes, you could try gold, a shimmery light pink, classic light brown, or maybe even an olive-green color. The key is something that is nice and shimmery, and not too heavy. You can do your colors a bit darker at the corner of your eye to give some extra drama.


I think the most beautiful look comes from using a slightly darker color in eyeshadow around the edges of your eye--with most eyeshadows, you can just wet a tiny brush and use your eyeshadow to give you an eyeliner-like look, without being too caked on.


For lips, I'd go peach, pink, coral, or nude lipgloss with sparkle. Lipliner and lipstick are out for girls your age. Try any brand you like for that (some of my favorite are Clinique, Lancome, and Tarte lipgloss).


Good luck!

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