Best christmas gift basket for a teen girl

Hi there...

I know, I know, Christmas shopping already. But hey - I like to plan ahead. Anyways, my niece is coming down to Baja to pay us a visit this Xmas, and I want to put together an amazing gift basket full of amazing products that she'll go nuts for. Kate, my niece, has caramel blonde hair that reaches to a bit past her shoulders, big blue/green/gray eyes, thick black eyelashes, freckles (aaawww!), and a cute little nose. Her mom tells me Kate hates her nose, wishes it was smaller. Now, I think that's ridiculous - but you know teen girls and their insecurities. I want to make her feel beautiful! Any product suggestions? A good concealer that she could use for zits and under eye circles that somehow works with her freckles would be great...maybe a new mascara and a sweet, citrusy perfume? I want the basket to be HUGE so gimme all the ideas you've got! Can't wait to see the look on her face!!!

Thanks so much and merry christmas Smiley Wink teehee


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