Best brushes for super-sensitive skin


 I am looking for *extremely* soft eye makeup and face powder brushes that are


made of all natural bristles.



 ** I am ALLERGIC to NYLON  ** and plastics.  So I cannot use any brushes with those types of bristles.



( My skin is also easily irritated by anything too rough. )



I am also looking for good quality brushes that will last me and that will not shed all over my face!



The specific types of brushes I need are


- face powder brush,


-  cream eyeliner brush


-  soft blending (eye) brush.



Please let me know your top recommendations.  ( Brand and brush name )



Thank you!

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Hi Luna22,


I highly recommend you checking out the Sephora Pro Collection or the Stila Brushes. They are all high quality brushes and as long as you take good care of them, wash them monthly they should last you for a long time. Here are a few that I recommend. Hope this helps.




Sara B

Sephora Pro Artist



Pro Natural Powder Brush #40
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Natural Powder Brush #40, $34 



Pro Natural Crease Brush #10
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Natural Crease Brush #10, $20












Stila #28 Smudge Pot Brush, $32 "This is a great brush, you can use it to line your eyes and also smudge and blend.

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