Best all around brushes?

My beloved Ecotools brushes I have had for about 3 years are finally ready to retire. I am looking to step it up a bit. I have been looking at the different brands and all kinds of reviewa online about the top brands, Sephora, Real Techniques, and Sigma. I just don't know what  is the best. Are Sigma and Sephora brushes worth the price? Or Can I get the same quality with the Real Techniques or even, maybe just replacing my Ecotools more Ecotools? Any advice would be great. Thanks a bunch!

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Hi - I think Bare Escentuals has excellent brushes, very cost effective when you purchase a kit and the brushes are included. Nice quality. I have 2 brushes from IT Cosmetics that came with a kit, they are amazing! Even the packaging is great, each brush comes in a clear, relatively sturdy plastic tube with black stoppers/tops on either end and that's inside of a little bag, great presentation and great for storing, carrying along with me and keeping them clean. I'm impressed. Shiseido and Prescriptives are also supposed to be great brands although I've never used either. Hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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