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My beloved Ecotools brushes I have had for about 3 years are finally ready to retire. I am looking to step it up a bit. I have been looking at the different brands and all kinds of reviewa online about the top brands, Sephora, Real Techniques, and Sigma. I just don't know what  is the best. Are Sigma and Sephora brushes worth the price? Or Can I get the same quality with the Real Techniques or even, maybe just replacing my Ecotools more Ecotools? Any advice would be great. Thanks a bunch!

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Hi - I think Bare Escentuals has excellent brushes, very cost effective when you purchase a kit and the brushes are included. Nice quality. I have 2 brushes from IT Cosmetics that came with a kit, they are amazing! Even the packaging is great, each brush comes in a clear, relatively sturdy plastic tube with black stoppers/tops on either end and that's inside of a little bag, great presentation and great for storing, carrying along with me and keeping them clean. I'm impressed. Shiseido and Prescriptives are also supposed to be great brands although I've never used either. Hope this helps you. Smiley Happy


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A good set of brushes will last you years upon years if you wash and deep condition them regularly. I love the Sephora Collection brushes and Too Faced's Teddy Bear Hair brushes (they're insanely soft). I keep my brushes clean by using the Sephora Brush Cleanser and Purifying Brush Shampoo.

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I am super partial to brushes by Sephora Platinum Collection, Lancome and Bobbi Brown. These are all fabulous brushes I've had that last me for YEARS with the right upkeep! My brushes are just as great and smooth and easy to use as the day I first used them. Smiley Happy


I go by how well the brushes work/have worked in applying certain types of makeup (particularly shadows or liquid/cream based foundations) and how the handle is. Since I tend to have a heavy hand in blush, the longer gripped handle of a Bobbi Brown brush allows me a lot less of a heavy hand and less of a "made up" look, while my Sephora platinum airbrush foundation brushes give a wonderful application for liquid and spray foundations. If you are happy with what you are using stick with them, but feel free to try out other brushes and brands as well.  

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I have both Eco-Tools brushes and Sephora Platinum brushes, and really like the Sephora ones better. (I also own MAC brushes which are really great and also very pricey!) 


The Eco-tools brushes, while inexpensive initially, do wear out in a relatively short time. I haven't worn out a Sephora brush yet and some of mine are at least 8 years old. (They may be older than that, I actually forgot when I got them.) I do clean brushes that I use with liquids or gels right away and powder brushes once a week or no longer than every two weeks. Keeping them clean and dry is really important if you want them to last. And be gentle to them, don't squish them hard when you wash them, and let them air dry flat on a counter with the bristles hanging off. Don't try to dry them with your hair dryer, it will definitely loosen the glue and the bristles will fall out, I learned this the hard way with an expensive MAC shadow brush. Smiley Sad


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Sigma, in my opinion, is def worth the money.  I swear by them!

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@janinebt, you mentioned in your post that you need to wash and condition makeup brushes. I do wash mine but never heard about conditioning them. Can you tell me more and give me a few suggestions? I wash my brushes with Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser. Thanks janine.

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