Best BRUSH for hourglass ALP?

Hey all!


I was wondering what the best BRUSH for hourglass ALP is? I have tried a couple of fluffy brushes, as suggested via some threads, but ti's really not doing the job for me. 


For reference, I have the ALP Palette. While the fluffy brush helps for the radiant light, I feel like I need a more dense brush for dim light. I've been using Dim as an all-over face setting powder and I feel like a big fluffy brush doesn't pick up enough product. Any other alternatives to using DIM or a Brush suggestion would be awesome. Thank you!


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Hourglass makes a great Kabuki brush, which I use for my ALP palette (in addition to for my bronzer and liquid highlighters).


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I really like the Sephora Pro Airbrush #55.  I also use Dim as an all over setting powder.  I have the smaller Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush as well, but still prefer the Sephora brush.


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Oh, and to Ireneh, in regards to other uses for Dim, layer it over a peachy or neutral blush that doesn't have a shimmer or glow to it, think of it as layering a blush "wardrobe"!


And like I mentioned below with the TF brush, you can use it to apply shimmer along the body as well, so feel free to use the ALP on more than just your face! With Summer upon us, night time or evening outings can let you show a bit more skin but also have it with an added glow!


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I know I'm bragged about this brush more times that I can count, but if you're wanting a brush that's super flexible and has a great range for use, I would suggest investing in the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush. Hands down it's one of my favorites because it's such a multi-use brush and can be used with so many products.


For starters, it's a super soft, synthetic brush, the retractable nature allows you to use it retracted fully down like a large powder brush, retracted midway for a denser powder brush, retracted all the way for a tight nub for blending (it's a wonder if you're trying to buff out concealer in larger areas like under the eye)..


It works to blend liquid and cream foundations as a buffing brush to give a diffused, perfected look to skin, you can even press the bristles to a flatter manner and use it as an angled brush to carve in bronzer or contouring specific areas. You can also use it in that fashion with a lighter hand so it becomes like a larger fan brush.


If you have a loose powder you want to carry with you but don't like the idea of a jar fumbling in your purse/make up bag, swirl up powder into the brush, cap it, and whip it out to touch up, because the bristles are synthetic, oils aren't going to be absorbed and it helps to cut down on bacteria breeding, of course you still want to mist and clean with daily brush cleaner and wash properly, but it makes toting powders a breeze and to where you're not relying on a sponge/puff that's been caked with product for however long.


Obviously it can be used for powders, be it translucent, setting, foundation, pressed, loose, mineral, blush, bronzer, highlighter, you name it....


*walks away from enabling now*


P.S. I've had mine for 6+ years and it's still as soft as ever, plus it's maybe only ever lost 3-4 more enabling* :smileytongue:


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Thank you to quixotic for directing me to this post. I am enabled as well. I was thinking of getting a back up as well bit not sure I want to spend that much on a spare brush.


What do you think of the Sephora retractable kabuki brushes?


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Too late.  Enabling successful.  Just went into my basket. 


Thanks for the great post, lylysa!


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Ohhhh no.....ohhh enabling worked?!?!?! :smileytongue: 

*sarcasm in pounds*




I hope you enjoy the brush as much as I have! It's such a wonderful tool and one of the best beauty investments I've made! You can even use it on your body if you ever need to buff on body shimmer powder (or heck, even use something like the Hourglass ALP on the body for a sexy sheen)! 


It's one of my go-to brushes especially when I travel to cut down on brushes that I'll have to bring with me.

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