Best 500 pts gift you have received
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I recently accumulated over 500 pts. Some offers look really nice, but it's a once in four year chance (due to the many 100 pts temptations), so I want to spend it wisely. What was the best 500 pts gift/perks you've seen or gotten?



Edit: thanks for the weigh-in, ladies! I'm actually not that big of a fan of Philosophy since I only like their body emulsion and nothing else. The Laura Mercier one was VERY tempting but it became available after I purchased the TM. I've been meaning to try the Tarte lip stain and will be needing a finishing powder soon (can see the bottom of the pan, finally!) so I gave in and got the Tarte with my order. Let's hope it arrives without substitution. =)


Seriously tho, I wish I can reply to my own post so I can reply to multiple people at same time. =/

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I wish (very much!) that the same 500 point perks were available no matter what store you are at. I see the awsome, top notch 500 pt perk pictures on the website and assumed these were just promotional pictures. I now see that these perks are actually given out! My issue is that I get emails with great promo or VIB offers but almost always when I go to spend money and redeem these I am told 1) ";sorry, those are all gone"; or 2) "sorry, our store didn't get those"). I can't tell you how many times I have been given the Bare Minerals sample pack as a consolation. As for 500 pt has often been the same. I have to say honestly that I am a bit envious, I would have loved the chance to choose the Tarte perk shown in previous posts. Smiley Happy I realize that there will always be supply vs demand issues, it just seems to be the case more than not lately in my area. Given Sephora's caliber of customer service I would have expected better follow through. I don't mean to sound like a spoiled's just that earning perks is exciting, it's like Christmas. It's something I know I look forward to and is certainly another great motivator to be loyal to Sephora.
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