Benefit's She Laq Has Been Discontinued...I'm So Disappointed

I noticed that Sephora quit selling Benefit She Laq, so I went to Benefit Cosmetic's website and noticed that they had it listed as "out of stock".  I thought this strange so I called Benefit's Customer Service Line and the rep I spoke with confimed that She Laq has indeed been discontinued.  I am so disappointed! Smiley Sad  She Laq was a great product and I can't believe it has been discontinued.  Is anyone else sorry to see this product go?

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I have been using this product for years and I have never been so sad to see a product go!  It keeps my eyeliner from smudging and keeps my brows groomed.  It is my go-to product for all of my eyeliners.  No matter the brand, they all smudge on my oily eyelids and nothing makes them stay like She-Laq.  I am devastated that it has been discontinued!

I wanted to let you know about Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal, which is an eye makeup sealant similar to She Laq. It doesn't come with brushes, so you'll have to use your own brushes, but it does hold makeup in place. You can find it here:​9812&categoryId=B70. Hope this helps!...Smiley Happy
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I had no idea She-Laq was discontinued--like a lot of you I use it on my brows. I have a tiny bit left in my current bottle. So I came on Sephora with a couple of gift cards, to order more. Since, hint hing, Ulta did not have it. Uchhh. Alas...She-Laq is no more! Sadness. I may try one of the other products I see mentioned above but I am really disappointed in Benefit for 86-ing this....
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