Benefit's She Laq Has Been Discontinued...I'm So Disappointed

I noticed that Sephora quit selling Benefit She Laq, so I went to Benefit Cosmetic's website and noticed that they had it listed as "out of stock".  I thought this strange so I called Benefit's Customer Service Line and the rep I spoke with confimed that She Laq has indeed been discontinued.  I am so disappointed! Smiley Sad  She Laq was a great product and I can't believe it has been discontinued.  Is anyone else sorry to see this product go?

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I don't know if this thread is still active, but has anyone tried and liked a She Laq alternative *besides* Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal?  I bought and tried it, and despite it being a pain - and a waste - to fill the cap with liquid and dip in my brush (luckily, I have quite a number of old, unused She Laq brushes!), the Make Up Forever product actually smears the powder all over as I apply it to my stenciled brows. Maybe I am using it incorrectly...? She Laq was just so perfect, and my stockpile is only weeks away from being used up.  Smiley Sad  I used to use a product by English Ideas called "Brow Last", but it wasn't waterproof, and it tended to leave behind a whitish film. Thanks so much.


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