Benefit's She Laq Has Been Discontinued...I'm So Disappointed

I noticed that Sephora quit selling Benefit She Laq, so I went to Benefit Cosmetic's website and noticed that they had it listed as "out of stock".  I thought this strange so I called Benefit's Customer Service Line and the rep I spoke with confimed that She Laq has indeed been discontinued.  I am so disappointed! :smileysad:  She Laq was a great product and I can't believe it has been discontinued.  Is anyone else sorry to see this product go?

tenngal :smileyhappy:

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She Laq was OVER PRICED! I just refuded to pay $40 for some that should only cost $10.


From Sephora you can get Illamasqua Sealing Gel and MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Seal.


All theactrical brands make a version as well like, Mehron, Cinima Secrets, Ben Nye, and Kryolan for mor procut at a fraction o f the price. Lit  Comestic and Eye Kandy Makes one.


Hard Candy makes one call Show Girl's Secret as well that a use now. :smileywink:



I have been using this product for years and I have never been so sad to see a product go!  It keeps my eyeliner from smudging and keeps my brows groomed.  It is my go-to product for all of my eyeliners.  No matter the brand, they all smudge on my oily eyelids and nothing makes them stay like She-Laq.  I am devastated that it has been discontinued!


So disappointing! I am intending on writing Benefit as this product has been discontinued. It was an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for me EVERYDAY! So Sad!


I just found this out today when I went to order more....I AM DEVASTATED!!  Because of medical reasons I have virtually no eyebrows and have to artfully create them...this was the product that kept them there no matter what.


Don't know what to do now :smileysad:


Hi helenshen.  I recommend investing in either the Make Up For Ever Eye Seal or their Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector.  The most comparable to She Laq is the Eye Seal.  If you wanted a brow makeup that won't budge in any weather condition or while your swimming or out in the rain, the Waterproof Brow Corrector is the answer.


I hope this helps!






I also liked it, though I was always disappointed that it didn't come as bottle only, I ended up with a bunch of extra mini brushes whenever I bought a new one.


I guess I'll have to make do with Eye Seal.


Horribly disappointed! Actually, really upset! This was an absolute staple for me! I wear contacts, so a quick sweep with the enclosed eyelash brush over mascara and one with one of the select other nice brushes contained in the pouch over the eyeliner would guarantee that even waterproof eye products stayed put! Never had to worry about forgetting sun glasses, or because of wind, etc. and eyes watering, or crying or swimming or anything! And, of course never having to worry about contacts! So... Now what to use? I do not see anything on Sephora's site! Any ideas of a product?  :smileysad:


It will relaunched late 2014. I work for benefit we were just told this week.


I am sooooooo devastatedthat this product was gone. It was an absolute must have.


I am devastated! I've used She-laq for years -- it's the only thing that keeps eyebrow pencil from rubbing off my very thin, very light eyebrows. Does anyone know of a similar product?


I just tried to order it and I see it's discontinued!!!! I cannot BELEIVE it!!!! That was the best stuff on earth!!!! Does anyone know of something almost as good???


I don't know if this thread is still active, but has anyone tried and liked a She Laq alternative *besides* Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal?  I bought and tried it, and despite it being a pain - and a waste - to fill the cap with liquid and dip in my brush (luckily, I have quite a number of old, unused She Laq brushes!), the Make Up Forever product actually smears the powder all over as I apply it to my stenciled brows. Maybe I am using it incorrectly...? She Laq was just so perfect, and my stockpile is only weeks away from being used up.  :smileysad:  I used to use a product by English Ideas called "Brow Last", but it wasn't waterproof, and it tended to leave behind a whitish film. Thanks so much.



I literally SHRIEKED and dropped my water bottle when the girl at Sephora told me the product had been discontinued! What an absolutely horrible decision on the part of Benefit, especially when there isn't another product (in any brand) that I've found that even comes close to comparing. As a girl who regularly works 16+hour days, with a workout somewhere before or in the middle of it, I need something that will "lock down" my brows (aside from them being blonde and not matching my dark brown dyed hair, I got tweezer happy at the age of 16 and tweezed them into near extinction)... I am so utterly disappointed, I've scooped up every last bottle I can find, but am not sure what I'll do when it runs out. Sound dramatic? Clearly you've never had the displeasure of seeing your carefully drawn-on and nicely shaped brow feather and smear across your forehead in the middle of your work shift. Big, fat, fail on the part of Benefit.

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E.L.F. makes a makeup sealer that is $3.


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Great alternative called Fixative A was found at this eBay store



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This was the best product, I am not happy it's not available anymore!

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I've been using Benefit She Laq for over a decade & I too can not believe it is gone!!! It is the only thing that kept my waterproof cream liner in place!!!  It doesn't matter what I try - I've tried using makeup forever's eyeliner waterproof, but same thing -happens as if I don't use anything on top of my liner - 1/2 way thru the day there's a black line as if I contoured my shadow in black on my lids which we all know clearly is not intentional and just ruins the make-up job - I even tried cinema secrets eye liner seal and same thing happens!  I'm oily everywhere including my eye-lids and since I've been living in San Antonio which is pretty much hot all year round, it's been severe transfer onto my lids from my eyeliner.  One of the girls there recommended a product by Ben Nye, I don't know which she is recommending tho - they are theater makeup as well and I see Castor Seal but not sure if this is what she means...And I did just find the Fixative A online as well, I'm wondering how that has worked out for some of you?

Also I'm trying something out today from cinema secrets called Tacky mixing adhesive over my MAC fluidline eyeliner... I'm hoping to see a great result....

Such a disappointment by Benefit...I was told they had too many complaints of eye irritations, but really? wasn't this around for almost 15 yrs? And now it's discontinued?  Yuck!

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OMG -I am dying without my she laq!  Have you found anything in comparison?

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I had a stock pile of this stuff and just recently ran out! This is how I found out it was gone. I am absolutely entirely heartbroken as this was my favorite product to seal my make-up. I have some great primers, but this product was the ULTIMATE! :smileysad:

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