Beginners make-up???

Hi, everyone!  I am new to the whole makeup thing and was wondering if anyone could suggest some good products.  I don't have a lot of time in the morning, so nothing too high maintenance, and I like the "natural-beauty" look.  Thanks so much! =D

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If you are going for express natural look, my 5 sec morn routine after moisturizer is:

- Tinted moisturizer or BB cream

- eyelash curler

- tinted lip balm


If you are going for a naturally flawless beauty look, that take a bit more work:

- TM/BB cream (primer optional)

- concealer

- highlighter under brown and on cheek bones

- brown eyeliner smudge close to top lashline for a natural look (I have black hair)

- Nude eyeliner on bottom water line to brighten the eyes

- Curl lashes, mascara

- blush/bronzer as needed.

- tinted lip balm.

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