Beauty consultation at Sephora


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I have just booked a makeup consultation at Sephora..

I have started taking interest in makeups just last year and my makeup look rather fake. 

and I have Asian eyes without the double eye lids and i don't want smokey eyeliners so I wanted to learn how to wear eyeliner that is right for my eyes. 


I have booked the consultation this coming Tuesday and I don't know how I should go.. 

should i go with or without makeups? 

if not, should I at least wear moisturizer, sunscreens, and primer? 


please help Smiley Happy

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I have always done my regular skin care routine and gone in without makeup.  Since I go to them for foundation help, they at least do primer before the foundation.  


Sometimes, I've happened to be in during the day time on a day that's not that busy and the sales lady has given me a whole skin care routine starting from washing my face.  


Please let us know how the eye liner part of your consultation goes! I don't have double eye lids and stopped allowing sales people at Sephora do my eye makeup because it was hard to find someone who knew what to do.  It was too embarrassing to leave the store looking like...what I looked like.

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Thank you so much Smiley Happy
That helped me alot
I didn't know which step to "stop at" - meaning whether or not I should at least put on a primer
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and for sure! I totally felt what you meant when you said too embarrased to leave the store looking the way they made you look Smiley Sad
i don't like too "strong, colorful" makeup but i do want a natural looking eyeshadow/eyeliner knowhow fit for my eyes
so i'll definitely let you know tomorrow Smiley Happy
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