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 I am a makeup newbie and I was wondering what are some basics I should start with. I've played around with eyeshadows every now and then, but thats as far as it goes.  I would love to be able to pull off a look that does not look overdone, especially for every day.  My Sephora Beauty Profile is black/dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, dark complexion and oily/combination skin. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated! Smiley Wink

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Honestly, don't be afraid to make "mistakes", I learned how to do makeup by watching music videos on mtv in the morning was terrible..then I moved on to this one makeup look I stole from Jessica Simpson in the Dukes of Hazzard..and it was pretty...but I did it every single day everyday...raspberry lipgloss with an orange sweater haha. Jennifer Lopez is my big inspiration in makeup, pick someone similar to your looks and skintone to catch tips from...she was it for me. Anyways, I always find myself at makeup counters getting my makeup done since it's fun and they love to do it. You just have to learn your face and what works for you, and it sure is fun in the process... my products I recommend to you, I will list them, but don't feel like you need to buy them all at once since makeup is so expensive, but collectively buying them is a great solution! It's what I do and now I have too much makeup =)


1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation

2. Bare Escuentals Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation

3. Nars Powder Foundation

4. Sephora Blush me Mono in Corail Frisson

5. Nars Blush in Taj Mahal ( gorgeous on your skintone)

6. MAC lipstick in Hug Me

7. Sephora Volumizing Mascara

8. Philosophy Lip Shine in Coconut

9. Sephora Eyeshadow Quad in Cocktail on the Beach

10. Benefit Beautiful Eyes Contouring Eye kit ( simple brown smokey eye)

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