Bare minerals break out?
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Hellooo. I've been using Bare Minerals foundation for 9+ months now and I absolutely love it! The only problem is that my skin has been breaking out for around the same amount of time. I'm trying to pinpoint what is causing these breakouts as my skin was perfectly fine before. I guess what I am trying to ask is if anyone else has experienced break outs/negative changes in their skin after using Bare Minerals, or if anyone knows of any ingredients in the make-up that has the potential to clog pores. Help! I want my skin back!

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I've been using BE for a few years now and have realized that the Mineral Veil and the Radiance are the only 2 products I cannot use as they cause me to break out. But the foundation works beautifully for maybe it's one of the other products that is causing you the problem ???

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