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Bad history with brows...

Playing tennis 3hrs. a day, in the sun has left me with disappearing eyebrowsSmiley Sad throughout the year, I struggle with the shape, growth of them and so on. Any tips,tricks, and recommended products would be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

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Hi Lashes4miles,


I am sorry to hear about the struggles that you have had with brows! Brows are important because they help frame the face and can instantly change your look.  Sephora has many items that can help sparse browsSmiley Happy I would first recommend the Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum, which is a product that you apply 1x-2x a week that will stimulate the hair follicle in about 4-6 weeks. It also helps to slow down the loss of more hair.


Brow Enhancing Serum


I would also recommend the Dior Backstage Brow Design Brow Shaping Stencils Kit because it has 6 brow stencils to find the best one that suits your brow shape.  I found these to be really helpful to use as a guide. The kit also comes with 2 brow pencils one is a pretty brownish blonde shade and the other is a dark brown.


Backstage Brow Design Brow Shaping Stencils Kit

I also think that using a product like the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel  works well to create a full brow.  It coats each hair with color making the hairs seem thicker.


Tinted Brow Gel



I have also attached a feed with similar a similar question that has some great answers on it just click here.

<3 Melissa
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