Baby face struggles...

Hi everyone! I facially look as though I am about fourteen years old without makeup. While that's going to be great later on in life, as a young woman it is difficult to be taken seriously in professional environments when you look as though you should be bopping to Beiber instead of presenting project proposals. I was wondering if any of you have makeup suggestions as to how I can look more mature without looking overdone (dark smokey eyes make me look like a toddler who has been dabbling in her mother's makeup drawer). I have blue-grey eyes shaped like Amanda Seyfried's, very fair skin, doll-like features, and medium golden-blonde hair. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Juicyglosspaige, 


I suggest you look at some of our fun Sephora TV tutorials, my favorite is the blush and bronzer-highlighter one which shows the perfect way to add some dimension and color to your face without looking overdone. Plus its a super useful and easy to follow video!



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Baby face struggles...

Like what Bautytester said, simple contouring can make a world of difference.


Take a look at this thread where I posted a diagram that shows highlighting, blush, and contouring techniques to help give more dimension to the face.


I would suggest working with a more muted, subdued bronzer like Too Faced's Milk Chocolate and using a more natural blush like Too Faced's Sweetheart's Flush Blush. MUFE also has a sculpting kit for fair skin with a contour/highlight shade.



Re: Baby face struggles...

You can also try some facial contouring to make the bone structure more defined, which generally make people look more like a women instead of a girl. Also, maybe stick to clean and sharp make up, like cat eye instead of smokey eye or lipstick/tint with a dab of lipgloss in the middle instead of lipgloss over the whole lips, and stay away from anything with glitter.


But more often than not, I find a good haircut makes quite a difference in making people look older/younger, so that's something else you can consider.

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