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All about Makeup Brushes!

Hey everybody! Today I want to know all about YOUR makeup brushes! 


Do you think the pricier the better? What's your favorite brand? How do you keep them clean?


....and finally...if you had to only pick ONE makeup brush to use the rest of your life, which would it be? 


I look forward to hearing from everyone Smiley Happy



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I don't have a favorite brand. I do LOVE my MAC brushes, however i have come across a few over the years that are from Sallys and one act from Walgreens that i <3 (crazy enough). Sometimes you get what you pay for.

You need to investigate before you drop the $$$. Figure out what look you are trying to achieve, and then go from there w/selecting the products and tools.

If i had to pick one brush i could not live w/out, it would be either the MAC 224 or 222. I've seen many imitator 224 brushes, but even the sephora professional ones, don't move and buff things the same way.

Also, most brushes are multi functional. And the 224 is awesome for highlighing areas of the face, buffing out and applying concealer (if it is a lightweight concealer), and especially wonderful at buffing out and applying eyeshadow. The 222 is a longer more tappered hair version of the 224 and and works amazingly when appying bright colors to the iner corner of the eye or the brow bone !

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