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All about Makeup Brushes!

Hey everybody! Today I want to know all about YOUR makeup brushes! 


Do you think the pricier the better? What's your favorite brand? How do you keep them clean?


....and finally...if you had to only pick ONE makeup brush to use the rest of your life, which would it be? 


I look forward to hearing from everyone Smiley Happy



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great question. In general I do think you get what you pay for BUT for some of the prices I have paid for brushes I get really ticked off when the pricier ones aren't up to snuff. The MAC 109 for example is a brush that just keeps shedding on me and it's immensely annoying. Also, the Clinique Powder brush is really scratchy and is taking forever to soften up.

But I tried to go the cheap route with Mark By Avon brushes and some were hits (like the all over eyeshadow brush and blush/bronzer brush) and some were complete misses (the contour crease brush, VERY scratchy).

So far my favorite brand is Sephora. I would have said MAC except it kind of annoys me that they can't put together some sort of discount on their regular brushes or something. You have to buy them one by one which makes it really expensive. I also think Sephora Brand brushes have more innovative shapes/ideas to choose from (like the Platinum Airbrush Brush #55).

in terms of inexpensive brands I really like eco-tools brushes and the Revlon brushes (the ones with the long black handles).

I keep my brushes clean with either baby shampoo, 2in 1 shampoo.conditioner, or a mix of extra virgin olive oil and dishwashing detergent.

If I had to pick one brush it would be either the MAC 217 or the Revlon contour crease brush. Both brushes take my eye looks to the next level.

hope that helps!

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I have some brushes for years, ten or more. You do get what you pay for. The cheaper brushes, shed hair and feel rough.


I clean the brushes, that are for powders with dish detergent, and a touch of conditioner some times, in the water, not directly on the brush.


For my professional makeup brushes that pick up creams like concealer and lipsticks. I have to use a special solvent to disolve the makeup, then I wash it with the detergent. Sometimes twice.


Once the water has run clean, I squeeze out the excess water from the brush, and lay it to dry flat on a towel, overnight to air dry.


*** Never let a wet brush sit up right! The water will pool in the ferule (the metal part that holds the hair together) and loosen the bristles, or get moldy!


My all time favorite brush is from Trish McEvoy, it is an eyeshadow brush. I have it since the 90's, still fresh and new looking.

Sable brushes are the best that money can buy. More expensive, but the quality is superb, and you wont have to buy a new one for a looooooong time. So you spend more, but save in the long run.


I am a fan of the sephora brand brushes, and think the sizes, and textures available are incredible.


: )


For me it's more about the brand than price.  I have brushes from Target and they're just as soft as the more expensive brushes that I own.  I've tried brushes from Sephora, Sonia Kashuk, MAC, Ecotools, BareMinerals, Dior, etc.  They all are soft and great to work with.  So I guess you can say that I don't really have a favorite brand. 


I use MAC brush cleanser to clean all of my makeup brushes w/ warm water, I gently squeeze the water out of the bristles, shape them to their original shape and let them air dry in my brush holder/container.  


If I could only pick one makeup brush, it would have to be my MAC 187 stiple (sp?) brush.  It's multi-functional, I could use it w/ cream based makeup, liquid makeup, and powder makeup.


I actually do not always believe that just because a brush is pricier, it is better. 


Personally, I actually mostly use a drugstore/Ulta brand makeup brush brand called Eco Tools. Amazingly these makeup brushes are VERY good quality for the small amount of cash you dole out for them.

I have bought the Eco Tool bamboo foundation brush (runs about $8-$9) and it works great!

I have also recently bought their 6 piece bamboo brush set (runs about $13) and you get 5 brushes [blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer and brow groomer/lash comb] and a brush roll.

The thing I really like about these though is that I have no fall out what-so-ever with them. But in the set I bought the lash comb is plastic, but actually does just fine, although I do own a Sephora brow groomer/lash comb with a metal wire lash comb [about $10]. As well I also own a Sephora double ended everyday eye brush [about $18] and a Smashbox arced eyeliner brush 21 [$20]. I would also like to add a Smashbox fan brush [$18] to my collection, but Sephora no longer offers that brush so I have to find it elsewhere, although I already know that I will be loving that brush!


In the meantime, If i only had one makeup brush the rest of my life [that I have currently] it would be my concealer brush because it can easily be used on multiple parts of the face {such as lips, eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer and foundation when used with a sponge}.

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The best makeup brushes are the Sigmax face brushes or the Sephora Airbrush or Platinum Brushes.

Love. Love. Love.


Try the Sigmax Face brushes! The round top works like a miracle with cream or liquid foundation, and I use the flat top for blush or bronzer. The angled one, you can also use for contouring.

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As far as brush cleansing....i try and break down my brushes using eyemakeup remover and brush cleaner (both mac and sephora brand) on a daily basis, and washing them w/shampoo every couple of weeks. I love when it's summer b/c i'll lay all my brushes out flat to dry! Smiley Happy

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I don't have a favorite brand. I do LOVE my MAC brushes, however i have come across a few over the years that are from Sallys and one act from Walgreens that i <3 (crazy enough). Sometimes you get what you pay for.

You need to investigate before you drop the $$$. Figure out what look you are trying to achieve, and then go from there w/selecting the products and tools.

If i had to pick one brush i could not live w/out, it would be either the MAC 224 or 222. I've seen many imitator 224 brushes, but even the sephora professional ones, don't move and buff things the same way.

Also, most brushes are multi functional. And the 224 is awesome for highlighing areas of the face, buffing out and applying concealer (if it is a lightweight concealer), and especially wonderful at buffing out and applying eyeshadow. The 222 is a longer more tappered hair version of the 224 and and works amazingly when appying bright colors to the iner corner of the eye or the brow bone !

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I love my Smashbox and Bobbi Brown makeup brushes.  They are pricey, but they are excellent quality.  It's hard to pick only one brush that I can't live without, but I guess it would be my Smashbox foundation brush.  It applies my liquid foundation flawlessly.  I use Smashbox's brush cleaner to clean all my brushes with for a quick clean and then I use a mild soap and water solution when I want to give them a thorough cleaning.

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