All Time Favorite Makeup Brand

If you could choose only 1 brand overall to use or for each individual brand for eyes, lip products, etc... what would you choose?


For me, I would have to pick Urban Decay for eyeshadow hands down.

Cheek products would definitely be Tarte.

I really don't know what I would choose for lipstick and lip gloss because there are so many brands that have beautiful lipstick!


What's your favorite??

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I love Tarte cheek products! Then after I made the post I realized I really love NARS cheek products too. It's so hard to choose!

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Yay! There is many brands that I like, and many other brands that I would like to try, guerlain for an example!

Eyeshadow - Urban decay (Obviously Smiley Very Happy)

Concealer - Nars

Eye Liner - YSL

Lipstick - Mac

Cheeks - Nars

Foundation - Chanel

Mascara - Lancome

Lip gloss - Laura mercier

Primers - Smashbox



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This is a great list!I haven't tried any NARS concealers! 

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Eye shadow - Urban Decay

Eye Liner - Urban Decay

Lipstick - Chanel, Givenchy, Nars.

Lip Liner - Chanel, Milani.

Cheeks - Chanel, Nars

Foundation - MUFE

Mascara - Chanel, Lancome

Primers - Laura Mercier, Hourglass

Face powders - Guerline, Hourglass.

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Got my first Givenchy lipstick this weekend and WOW. How impressive is it?  No feathering, no lipstick on teeth, I love it and I didn't even use a primer. Love it. 

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Yes, Givenchy lipsticks are awesome. You will grab more for sure, once you try one you will need more Smiley Happy. I have many other brands but I just want to reach them all the time. There is something in their formula that is not very creamy but at the same time does not cause any dryness to my lips, but last very long period of time, and the packing is very elegant. I got 2 backups with the ViB 20% that tells me how much I love them.

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Love the lipstick brand choices!

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Eye Shadow- Mac

Blush- Nars

Mascara - Loreal and Maybelline

Lips- YSL



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I don't have any YSL lip products but oh my gosh is that packaging gorgeous!!

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Hard lesson for me was...if it's not broke, don't fix it.  I will always be a MAC girl ❤️

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I like how they come out with different collections all the time. I don't get bored with their permanent line of products that way!

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I USED to be in love with MAC, but something about that line is different-plus I'm over competing for makeup. After the RiRi woo experience, I'm done obsessing over LE stuff-especially MAC.

Foundation - UD Naked, #10 is the best match I've ever had. For women of color that's a huge deal. Dermablend Cover creme is my concealer for my scars.

Eyeshadow - I'm still learning and experimenting, but UD shadows are winning right now

Eyeliner - UD 24/7 and Avon Glimmersticks are my faves

Lipstick - No MUST HAVEs yet, but I am fond of UD Revolution and Avon. I'm gonna explore more now that I'm opening up to bold colors.

Lipliner - Again Urban Decay-they just glide right on.

Mascara - Again still on the fence, no faves yets. All mascara feels like a chore to me

Cheek-Sticking to MAC with this one. So glad I bought backups of sheertone blush in Love Rush. That shade is perfect one me. Still, I'm gonna keep an open mind...NARS is everywhere!!


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I totally understand how you feel about mascara. It is so time consuming. Especially when I am in a rush in the morning, I always smudge it on my eyeshadow and get frustrated! 


I never used to buy lipliner because I had a makeover once at a Dior counter and she said I didn't need to use it. Well I decided to try out Urban Decay's lipliner and oh my gosh, I bought 4 haha. They are so easy to work with.

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What a fun question!


My favorites will sometimes change as I discover new brands and find new products.  Currently, these are my favorites:

Face (moisturizer) - Josie Maran
Face (primer, foundation, setting powder) - Laura Mercier

Eyes (moisturizer) - Shiseido
Eyes (eyeliner, brows, eye brushes) - Make Up For Ever

Cheeks (blush) - Bare Minerals

Lips (moisturizers/ balms) - Josie Maran

Lips (color) - Buxom
Deodorant - Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant
Nails - Estee Lauder
Hair (shampoo, conditioner) - Organix
Fragrance - TokyoMilk Dark by Margot Elena



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I want to try out Josie Maran's argan oil light formula. Have you tried it?

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Sorry it took me this long to respond!  I've been curious about the lighter version of her argan oil, but still haven't tried it. I've given friends Josie's original 100% argan oil as gifts because I love it so much, but a couple have told me they didn't think it absorbed fast enough.  Maybe her light formula would be a good alternative Smiley Happy 

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Eyeliner Marc Jacob

Shadow Urban Decay

Face Lancome

Cheek Lancome

Lipstick Lancome

Lipgloss Lancome

Body (all body products) Loccitane

Shampoo Alterna

Conditioner Fekkai

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I have heard such good things about Marc Jacob's eyeliner! I have to try it soon!

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Gosh I love them, I have all 5 colors

Cocoa (glittery brown, kinda eh about it)

Think (dark purple, my favorite color)

Nice (silver, i use it on inner corner)

Blacquer (really black and dark, perfect black)

and i forgot the name of the green liner but it's such a gorgeous teal color.


They're creamy and they set within seconds. No smudge, beautiful colors, and works on my waterliner (which is nearly impossible for any liner to stay on for longer than 1 hour)

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I need 1 of these eyeliners then! My eyes get so watery. I want a liner that won't move.

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Bare Minerals!


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