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 I am wondering whats the HYPE about MAC cosmetices. I am the one of the few that has never tired MAC but always wanted to. My only concern is that with all the positive feed back about his brand I have also heard negative feed back such as it causing them to break out. Smiley Surprised  Not something I want since I do have slight sensitive skin an prone to acne.

Can someone please give a little more information about there products such as eye shadow, foundation,primers,blushes, EVERYTHING!! THANKS Smiley Happy


p.s. its funny how once you no your shade in MAC cosmetics ppl can suggest your shade in other brands. WHY is that. Plus Sephora doesnt even carry MAC...hmmmm...strange.

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The first big brand I started using was MAC because there was a lot of hype around it. The great thing is that they have a large range of colours to choose from especially when it comes to foundations, but i did find that I broke out as soon as i started using it. Now I use Cargo's tinted moisturizer instead or if it's a special occasion, i use Cargo's Blue Ray pressed powder and my skin is in great shape.


The Mac concealer I was using always got into the lines under my eyes too..not attractive at all, so I prefer the OneBase concealer+foundation by Cargo. It feels like nothing!


it's definitely important to see what other brands are out there - Mac isnt the only brand, it's just a familiar name that we all know.


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