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Hey there EVERYONE,


 I am wondering whats the HYPE about MAC cosmetices. I am the one of the few that has never tired MAC but always wanted to. My only concern is that with all the positive feed back about his brand I have also heard negative feed back such as it causing them to break out. :smileysurprised:  Not something I want since I do have slight sensitive skin an prone to acne.

Can someone please give a little more information about there products such as eye shadow, foundation,primers,blushes, EVERYTHING!! THANKS :smileyhappy:


p.s. its funny how once you no your shade in MAC cosmetics ppl can suggest your shade in other brands. WHY is that. Plus Sephora doesnt even carry MAC...hmmmm...strange. 

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From my own experience all I can say is that MAC kind of reminds me of Make-Up Forever brand.  The products are very nice (I personally love their eye shadows. They are highly pigmented and glide on nicely. They also stay on). However I don't like their make up primers or foundations/powders.  Since it's suppose to be "decorative cosmetics", not really meant for an everyday look, I find them a bit too heavy and they will clog the pores.  I'd suggest wearing the foundations/powders for special events and for photos, but not so much for the everyday look.

Also their mascaras are crap. Don't waste the money :smileyhappy:


I have only used MAC lipsticks and I am oh so in love with them!


MAC prefers to be a stand-alone brand and their line is so extensive it wouldn't make sense to be in Sephora. They would take up way too much space.


I love MAC. I have been using their make-up for years and have never had a problem. I have combo-oily skin and love their Studio Fix powder foundation, Studio Tech foundation (this one is oh so lovely), Pro Longwear foundation. I love their studio-fix concealer with SPF 35 so it protects my under-eye area from the sun.


Their blushes are very nice and buildable, not as pigmented as other brands like NARS or CARGO but this is better for someone who is starting out with makeup.


I would skip their primer unless you have dry skin then I would recommend their Strobe cream.


Some MAC shadows are misses but most are hits. Any of their neutral or contouring shades are definitely worth the money. However, in terms of brighter colours I would say other brands like Makeup Forever, Inglot and Urban Decay prob do those better.


I actually like their mascaras a lot. One of my favorites being zoom lash.


Their eyeliners and lipliners are really great and last a pretty long time.


Their brushes are some of the best you can get on the open market IMO. Especially their 217, 239, 158.


I hope this helps!


The first big brand I started using was MAC because there was a lot of hype around it. The great thing is that they have a large range of colours to choose from especially when it comes to foundations, but i did find that I broke out as soon as i started using it. Now I use Cargo's tinted moisturizer instead or if it's a special occasion, i use Cargo's Blue Ray pressed powder and my skin is in great shape.


The Mac concealer I was using always got into the lines under my eyes too..not attractive at all, so I prefer the OneBase concealer+foundation by Cargo. It feels like nothing!


it's definitely important to see what other brands are out there - Mac isnt the only brand, it's just a familiar name that we all know.


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I just started getting into MAC pretty recently so I don't have very much but here's my 2 cents:


1. Cremesheen lipsticks---amazing! I have 3! Creamy, last all day and the range of colors is phenomenal!


2. Powder and Cream blush----fantastic! Last all day, very pigmented. I have 2.


3. Single pressed eyeshadows---I might like them even more than UD (GASP) just because it has the pigment and staying power but without the fall out. LOVE. I have.....3.


4. Brushes! I have the 217 and I don't know how I've lived without this eyeshadow brush all this time! Its perfect for applying shadow all over lid, blending, bottom lashline just does all the work for you. They are pricey, but no more expensive than the brushes sold at Sephora.


What I like most about MAC is that they have every color and finish on the planet! Most shadows only do glitter/matte/shimmer but they do sooo much more! (frost/satin/pearl/lustre/velvet etc!)


I have to agree with you. I've never heard anything good about there foundations or powders. I've only heard they make you break out. Maybe it's too heavy? Although their lipsticks have amazing pigment in them and do last very long.

I find MAC is a very industry known brand. Another industry brand to look into would be CARGO. I know girls who use to have acne prone skin and they use CARGO now and have no problems. They have a foundation thats oil-free, light weight and gives you medium coverage. Just a suggestion because I could totally relate to wanting make-up that won't get you to break out.


Mac is probably the best makeup brand I ever used- and I don't say this lightly. Their eyeshadows have good color pay-off, smooth, and they'res tons of shades to choose from. Their prices aren't that bad if you compare them to other high end brands, but most people like their foundation because they'res every type for everybody, with plenty of shades and tones. All other makeup brands are ill in comparison 


Sephora may not carry MAC because:


1. MAC is pretty self-sufficient carrying primers, moisturizers, etc.


2. MAC and Sephora may be competing? 


3. MAC may not want to work with Sephora, because they would have to give some of their profit to Sephora, and they may not like that. 


You're not alone.  I've not tried anything by MAC either.  The MAC products where I live are sold in Belk's, and I don't go to Belk's that often.  However, I have heard that their makeup brushes are of really good quality.  I'm really curious what other people have to say about their products as well.  Great question!


Okay, being someone that has tried different MAC products several times. Here is my .02. All of their foundations and anything that goes over a large portion of the skin are very very likely to break you out. MAC was originally created to be theater makeup. It is extremely long wearing and covers very well. If you ever want to see what I mean, go into a MAC store and look closely at most of the women working there. Usually they all have horribly broken out skin. Now, that is not to say that it doesn't have its place. I agree with the person that said it is really good for a special occasion. It makes your skin look awesome and flawless. Their eyeshadows are very good and are affordable (around $16 per one) but from my personal experience, to get color payoff you must use a good primer. Another reason they compare colors to MAC is because MAC carries A LOT of shades. Basically, they guarantee a match to your skin color no matter what color you are. Their eyeshadow selection has every shade there is.


My recommendation is seriously to consider going with Makeup Forever for at least their foundation and concealer selections. They have a lot of them and they are not known to break people out. I have never had a problem (I am very acne prone) and they are just as long lasting as MAC if not more.


Hope this helps....


I have tried just about every brand there is. For now MAC seems to be one of my favorites. Love their great selection for lips and eyes.

My favorites include; glaze and luster finish lipsticks, powder eye shadows, brushes (Love the ones for eyes),  The new BB Balm, compact (air light) translucent powder, spf 50 colorless primer, moisturizing concealer. I am planning to try the Prep and

Prime skin enhancer primer in one of the four soft focus correcting colors (yellow for me I think).

These products could be some of the reason for all the hoopla...


MAC has good makeup and color selections and reasonable prices. The quality is good but not the best makeup...I guess it depends on the person's skin. I don't love their foundations but I like their lipstick selections. Its a bit drying but a lot of their lipstick colors are gorgeous that I don't mind the drying effect. I also like their mineralize skin finish powders. I think its a good place to go for makeup newbies because they usually have knowledgeable SA's and lots of products to play around with.

I am also new to MAC and only tried it recently! I've liked the products that I have tried so far, but hte mineralize skinfinish natural is amazing and the setting spray is also amazing!! :smileyhappy:
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I have always loved MAC... And I have NEVER broken out with ANY of their products. I have a very good skin routine at night and in the morning for washing my face and keeping it exfoliated so this may help! It's a great brand and up there as one of my favorites.


I forgot to mention no breakouts on my combination/oily skin. Also MAC powder eye shadows allow you to choose your finish and the colors go on like silk. I only have experience with their powder foundations. They're pretty good but I am curious about MAC's always raved about  face and body foundation. Need to try. MAC is part of the Lauder Group which includes Bobbie Brown , Origins and Clinique so I don't know why the Shopping Channels and Sephora don't sell it. 

Hope this helps.


I guess I should respond since my user name means I use MAC products.


MAC is only sold in several higher end department stores, MAC stand alone stores or at the Estee Lauder discount store (sorry I can not remember the name right now). This brand was originally started by a photographer and a make-up artist. So yes some of the items are heavy for the everyday wearer but not for the camera.


I have oily skin so the MAC foundations did not work for me. The mascara gave me raccoon eyes (but so does most brands). What I do like is their eye shadows, blushes and lipstick as all of these are highly pigmented. Your eye shadows will usually show up without a primer. Plus they sell ALLOT of colors! This also has is drawbacks because several of their new colors are based on a collection and not meant to be permanent addition to their line.


As for their brushes, yes they are good but they are expensive! I have noticed a few of my brushes are now starting to fall apart (metal separating from wood handle) but these brushes are several years old. The newest brushes I have added to my collection are from the Sephora Pro line not from MAC.


If you want to try MAC go to the store and buy it. Do not buy it on ebay as there is too many fake MAC items on ebay.


I have only tried the MAC eyeshadows and just as others had mentioned they are AMAZING.  They glide on smoothly and give you a strong pop of color with one application.  I have oily skin as well and I find that these shadows last longer than most others. 

I haven't tried their foundation, so I can't speak as to whether they cause break outs.  However, as my skin is quite oily and prone to break outs, I would recommend that you try the Make Up For Ever foundations as they are better than any other product I have tried.  In particular, the Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation and the Duo Mat Powder Foundation. I also found using brushes helped my skin as well in preventing breakouts, as long as you clean them regularly!

Hope that helps a bit! :smileyhappy:


I have always wondered the same.  Every time I've wandered into the MAC area at a department store or a stand along shop, I've gotten pretty cold treatment.  The few products I've tried have been adequate, but not anything I can't find a dupe for at Sephora.


The last time, I went with my friend because she was trying to find a particular color.  They had completely over booked and there were no free sales people to help walk in clients, and no one at the register. They hide almost all the products in drawers and such so you just see the displays.  Even after we'd figured out what color she wanted, we couldn't find anyone to help us pull the colors out.  And a few minutes later, someone pulled the colors out for us, but couldn't find anyone to ring us up!


I asked my friend, why bother, when Sephora is literally three doors down.  She said she'd just always used MAC and it had never occurred to her to try something else.


I absolutely LOVE MAC!  I was first turned on to this company years ago because of its wide range of lipsticks particularly for women of color.  I also love the neutral-colored Lipglasses like Chai.


The foundations have been hit or miss for me though.  The shade range is great, but the NW45's are typically too red for me and oxidize like crazy.  For special occasions I used to wear the Studio Fix Powder foundation but it's way too heavy for everyday use and caused me to break out.  The only other foundation I wore was the Face and Body, which was great for the summer but it left my skin oily.  I use MUFE's foundations instead.  However, the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder is a hit and is great for touch-ups.  


I love the Prep & Prime products, including the translucent powder that I use to set my foundation and the Prep & Prime Lip.  Both products are relatively inexpensive and get the job done.


The eyeshadows are to die for!  They are beautifully pigmented and practically last all day especially when you use a primer.  They also have a wide range of brushes, which are quite expensive but well worth the money especially when you take care of them.



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I have to agree with a lot of the comments on here. Their foundations and skin care break me out. I've tried their face products numerous times & always get a breakout. I also can't stand how heavy & cakey the foundation looks on other people. It's like you can spot a mac wearer a mile away.

I do love their eye shadows and brushes. I buy 1-2 brushes from mac a year and have quite the collection now. I take good care of them, and hardly get any shedding. Lately though, I've been buying more Urban Decay shadows though. I hate going to the mac counter and dealing with the snotty MUA who try to play with my face when I just want a new eyeshadow. 

I also used to be obsessed with their lipglass, but I now buy NARS. I have a few paint pots that I like to use as an eyeshadow base, but there are so many long-wear cream pencils out now, that have prettier shades.

Besides a brush here & there, I can't remember the last time I bought a product from them. 

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I never got color matched to mac so i hate when people mention a mac color LOL. i can only guess what i would be

1. My favorite thing from mac is the soft ochre paint pot, makes all my shadows pop. and its great to neutralize when i want to wear a super basic eye look since my eyes are dark

2. I love their lipsticks. i own about 24, yes i am a lippie addict haha, the formulas ive tried are all amazing and they last so long. Plus they're affordable to me, since some of the drugstore ones are around $10 and higher end brands in Sephora cost $19+. Which i still buy other brands when i am looking for a brighter fun color

3. the eyeshadows i also love since i can buy in pan form (edited to mention as someone else said, they have a varied amount of different finishes whilst where i love UD specifically they don't have a lot of matte)

4. blush to me is mediocre, i have a few but ive since stopped buying them since they personally don't last very long on me compared to my favorite which is tarte

5. i just started using the prep and prime highlighters in radiant and light boost- love to combine these with my regular concealers for more staying power and brightness. 


i think thats it?! ive tried 1 bronzer which is decent and 1 LE highlighter/blush that was ehh but no other face products. oh and 1 mascara a while back which was also ehh

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I completely agree with pianodream. I love MAC originally I only wore MAC never wore other makeup until I discovered Sephora. I still do LOVE they're eyeshadow! So nice and pigmented and they stay! I use they're yellow light boost as a concealer and I love it. But like pianodream said the mascaras aren't great.

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@tlr5- I so agree with  I have used Studiofix powder foundation for 10 yrs + and haven't broken out from it either. I don't know why everyone thinks that their foundations are not for everyday. I wear my studiofix everyday and have compliment after compliment on it.

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I think the main Hype with MAC is their limited edition stuff. They come out with like 6 or more new collections every year and most sale out in a matter of hours if it's a good collection with cute packaging. I personally only buy their eyeshadows and lipsticks. Lipstick I find are always great but the eyeshadows can be a hit or miss.

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I'm really not a MAC fan.  I have found (and this is MY experience, not speaking for anyone else) that MAC products are more of a middle ground between drug store makeup and high end makeup.  It's more expensive than Revlon, but the quality isn't there like with a lot of higher end cosmetics.


I really hate their skin products, in particular.  I think their foundations/powders/concealers look really heavy and fake and obvious.  I also feel like the quality is poor, as it often causes blemishes or break-outs.


However, their lipstick is pretty awesome.  I dislike their matte shades (they dry my lips out like CRAZY) but the satin and glossier finishes are very nice.  They make good "staple" lipsticks - nothing that blows my mind, but usually consistently good quality and nice colors.

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@emmaclaire- I understand your experience with MAC wasn't good but to me it seems like all the people who wear MAC foundations aren't on here asking for a new foundation every other day like everyone else is. You have to give them alot of credit for that. And I know not everyone feels that way and that's fine we all have our own opinions,but MAC is no where near Revlon...not in the same hemisphere...... :smileyhappy:

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MAC has to be my go to makeup brand for eyeshadows and powder. Their face products are really long lasting but many people do breakout from it. Honestly the only way to find out how your skin will react is to try it yourself. I have very acne prone skin and their makeup hasnt broke me out. In fact ive been using their studio fix powder foundation for 4 years no continuously just because it's long lasting and the color matches me so well. I really do recommend trying them out.. maybe a blush? Love their blushes. As for eyeshadows, if you compare it to other brands in sephora it's quite cheap. But good quality and theres so many different finishes.


The only thing i have found a bad reaction to are their lip products... it really sucks because they have such a good selection and their lipsticks are cheaper than brands in sephora but good quality. My mom uses their lipsticks and it works fine for her.

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In my make up circles, MAC's hype is largely limited to its lipsticks. They have really amazing selection, great finishes (from matte to satin to glossy), and nice textures. It's hard to stray from their lipsticks.


They're also a reasonable price for a high end lipstick.

But I think that for almost any product, someone will react with break outs.

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I personally only like MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks. I think there are some amazing shades available and for someone starting out they are great, but I think there are much more exciting from other brands.

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@aviscardi & connieconcon- They have MAC MUA online that are really nice and helpful probably more so than in store. Just letting you know in case you ever have question about their products and I can see how getting that kind of treatment in store would turn you off from their products.:smileyhappy:

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The only thing i like from Mac is their brushes. Nice quality, But with things i have tried i'm not impressed with their makeup. I just was never into it. 

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