4th of July Challenge

I am starting a 4th of July challenge. Post pictures of a look that you created using the colors red, white, and blue. It can be an outfit, a makeup look, a hairstyle, nail design, or anything else. For my 4th of July challenge, I did this fun flag design on my nails. Sorry about the fuzzy-ish quality of the picture, I took it on my computer! Post a comment or heart this post if you like the idea! 4th of july nails.jpg

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Not exactly red, white, and blue, but I got the idea from fireworks.  I painted the tips of my nails with Fingerpaints Give Pink A Chance, but with the China Glaze Tarnished Gold Crackle, it looks more like a red.  I used the sparkly gold to be my nails' "fireworks" lol.  Still need to do a bit of clean up around the nails though.  Also made my toes into "fireworks" with crackle lol. 

I don't know why the gray bar at the bottom of photo is there.


@Pandapple6: LOVE the flag design!!!20110702090245.jpg


Ooooohhh pretty! Great job on your nails :smileyhappy: If I can find it at the store (crossing fingers because they seem to sell out super quick) I want to do the Blasted in Red over a blue polish.


Cute flags! I just painted my nails raspberry, and I am wearing a nautical blue and white striped dress (unintentional) -- does that count? It's not makeup, I will try to come up with something else :smileyhappy:


You're so creative. :smileywink: Hopefully my hands will be steady enough to pull off something like that. Thanks for posting this . . . I LOVE IT! 


Well now I have to look into some blue and red makeup...I don't have any! lol :smileyvery-happy: Really good post, and cute nails :smileyhappy: I'm terrible with nail polish lol


Very creative and pretty nail design, pandapple!  I will try to come up with a red, white and blue look before the 4th gets here, but I'll be it won't be as cool as yours.


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