300 Heart Party!

6aad0801, Congratulations on 300 hearts!!! You have answered so many of my questions with such good answers! Thank you so much and good luck for your next 100 hearts! 

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Thank you Pandapple, Tenngal and Prettyinpa!!!!!


This is my first BT party thanks Pandapple for throwing it and evryone for the kind words.  This is such a fun place full of fun and knowledgeable beauty lovers to interact with - I enjoy it and you all a lot!!!


Smiley Happy


Yipee! A new party!!  Thanks 6aad0801 for all the great advice that you have given- your posts are always thoughtful and have such useful advice. Looking forward to more of your fabulous suggestions~Smiley Happy


It's been a while since anyone's thrown a party!  Yeah!  Congratulations, 6aad0801, for all your great advice!  You deserve all 300 hearts and if you keep sharing your wisdom I'm sure you'll have twice that many in no time at all.  Smiley Happy

And thanks to pandapple for throwing a party!  Smiley Happy

~~ Throws confetti and passes around party hats ~~

Happy 300!!!
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