$25 items for Blitz Bag promo

I'm looking for suggestions for interesting products worth $25 so I can use the Blitz bag promo. I don't want to spend more than 25 because I keep thinking 'I could have saved 20% on this last week'. So the way I see it, each of these little bags is costing me 5 bucks, seems like a steal.


Any suggestions?

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Did you see the Too Faced set in the sale section? It's gorgeous and at $25, it's a steal. 




At just $30, this set is gorgeous too Smiley Happy



Also - here's two 24 dollar sets that you could easily make work with a $1-3 dollar sale item as an extra little goodie:



Re: $25 items for Blitz Bag promo

Bite Pencil Sampler! Smiley Happy

Re: $25 items for Blitz Bag promo

illamasqua blushes are $26 and i haven't met one that i don't love.

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You can type " $25 " in the search bar and it will bring up products that cost around $25. You can narrow your search down further on the right side to whatever you are more interested in. Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Here are a few things that I personally think are great for $25


OR you could get one of these two, which are $20 and either get something in the sale section or 2 of the $3 mini soap and glory face cleansers (which I think are amazing!!) to get to your goal of $25


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