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Hi, im turning 14 and my mom is really protective with me about makeup. she doesnt want me appling face makeups (foundation, concealer, bronzer) how can i convence her to let me wear a little bit of face makeup? what should I buy for a "no makeup" look?


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I was aroung 14 years old when i started wearing makeup! The only thing I would ever wear was mascara, lipgloss and eyeliner! just on the waterline not on top! and a tiny bit of foundation! My mom wouldnt say anything to me, cause she knew how much i loved makeup, and she wasnt strict lol shes one of those cool moms! Everyone loves her ahah! But i totally agree with all the suggestions the girls gave you, so i wont repeat that ^.^ My daughter is 5 years old and already tells me she cant wait to grow up and wear makeup <_< and do her hair .. lol  Goodluck hun.


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I 100% understand your situation. I wasn't allowed wearing makeup until I was 16, my friends starting wearing makeup around 13 and for me those 3 years seemed extremely long and painful. As some of the other girls already suggested see if she will let you wear a BB Cream, I personally love Smashbox's as it gives decent coverage and maybe you can sell her on the SPF 35 aspect of it. Good luck :smileyhappy:


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I think the girls below have good suggestions with the tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Maybe you can talk to her about making a compromise so both of you are happy. Explain to her why you want to wear makeup but let her know that you respect and understand (if you do) why she doesn't want you to wear makeup, then suggest a compromise. You could say you understand she doesn't want you to wear foundation ect. but you were thinking you could wear BB cream, lip gloss, and get and eyelash curler instead. Ask her how she feels about the compromise and how you could work together to find a solution that suits both your needs. 


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Smashbox BB cream has good coverage for any blemishes etc. that you may have while still being lightweight and moisturizing. Explaining this to your mom may help convince her… Also, If you're looking for a little extra the Josie Maran coconut water-colour cheek gele is great for lips and cheeks. They come in a few different colours but are quite sheer so it is not TOO dramatic. Josie Maran is known for her all natural and organic products so this is safe for the skin and is again very hydrating which is great for your young skin. Make sure that you practice a good skin care regimen to show your mom that you really care and also keep your skin healthy for later in life… If you research all of the products that you are interested in  and present this to your mom than hopefully you can convince her! I see nothing wrong with wearing makeup at around the age of 14, I started wearing makeup at around 13… Just make sure to care for your skin! Hope this helps!!! :smileyhappy: 


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I'm 14 as well and I agree with everyone else that tinted moisturizer will be good for you. It'll protect your skin while still giving you the bit of color that you want. Also, you can never go wrong with a bit of lipstick or lip gloss!


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There's really many ways to approach this matter, for starters, ask yourself what is the reason you wish to wear make up, then ask your mother for her reasonings as to why you cannot wear it. Though it's understandable that she may just state a "because I'm your mother and I say so" or a "you're too young/don't need it" reason, try to respectively probe as to whether it may be because she's worried it'll look to heavy or artificial on your skin, or maybe she's worried about proper skin care/follow up that is required with wearing make up (have you considered that make up also needs to be followed with proper pre and post care to ensure skin is well maintained?).


My best advice is to do your due diligence and research in regards to products, if she states something along the lines of "make up is too heavy/it'll ruin your skin", let her know and show her how there are many new formulas and brands that cater to more natural, subtle looks and finishes.


For example, Tarte's 12 Hour Tinted BB Treatment Primer with SPF 30:


BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen


BB creams are great multi-tasking products that help to even out skin, shield against UV rays, moisturize, prime, and perfect skin rather than look heavy or cakey on top. The brand itself is very gentle, formulated safe for sensitive skin users, void of many synthetics/fillers/parabens as to minimize the chances of irritation and breakouts, and utilizes natural mineral pigments. The product itself is more about giving a natural look to skin rather than making it look too made up.


At 14, though you may be anxious to jump into the world of make up, there may not be an actual need to use all the products available. Try to start small with maybe one or two items at a time, maintain a skin care regimen, and have that show your mom you are responsible enough to care for your skin and aren't just wearing make up "to wear it".


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How is she in regards to skincare?  If she acknowledges the importance of moisturizer and spf you may be able to convince her to allow you to use a Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream.




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And if you want to wear some color on your lips, try a tinted lip balm versus a lipstick. The lip balms actually have great color.




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Hi there!  How about a tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balm?  Ask your mom if she would be ok with that.  It's important you take care of your skin so you should always moisturize.  Asking for a tinted moisturizer would add just a bit of "color" and would look very natural. Same goes for a tinted lip balm :smileywink:


Just make sure you take good care of your skin so wash your face, never go to bed with makeup on (when you'll get the chance to wear any) and wear sunscreen.  Always! :smileyhappy:


Always ask your mom but I think that would be ok and a good place to start. :smileyhappy:


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I had the opposite problem:  at 14 my mother expected me to start wearing makeup, but I wasn't interested.


To be honest, at your age, less is more.  The idea of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not overshadow it.  And too much makeup can make you look cheap and tacky, especially on a very young girl.  


You don't need a full face of slap:  start with some BB cream/tinted moisturizer, a subtle lip color and some powder (if you are on the oilier side).  Maybe a subtle blush/bronzer if you are on the paler side.  Go for nude, softer shades in matte or satin finishes.  Skip the heavy frosting and sparkle.


You will have plenty of time in your future to experiment with shadows, liners, vibrant colors, etc. for more grown-up looks.  Until then, enjoy being--and looking--young :smileyhappy:  




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This is a great idea. You get a bit of colour without wearing foundation, and you're doing your skin some good! 


And then you could have a couple fun coloured lip balms to play with. They're moisturizing as well, so good for your lips! 


Maybe a nude, shimmery eyeshadow would be a good start into the makeup world. Easy to apply without worrying about it being too bright, and the sparkle adds some fun :smileyhappy:


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Hey kk2cute, how 'bout saying you'd like to add moisturizer to be proactive about skincare and trying a tinted moisturizer? 

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