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Hi! I've shared a picture and im searching for a lip liner and lipstick/gloss that can help me achieve this lip combo. It says she used NYX lip liner in Nutmeg and Mac gloss in Florabundance but both are either discountined or sold out everywhere. Thanks for the help!
i m wearing foundation in light delicate beige sephora. i have auburn hair color aind hazel eye color. wich nude lipstik would be perfect on me?
Hi everyone....I have fallen in love with Bite's lipstick shade Thistle but I prefer a matte lip color that comes in a tube like Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Tartiest Matte Lip Paint, Ciate Liquid Lip, etc......does anyone know of one that would be a close match to the beauty of Bite's Thistle?  I have not had much time to get into a Sephora to do some swatching so any help would be much appreciated.   Thanks in advance for your help.
I love the shade of this product and how it looks with my skin tone, but it does not stay on my lips very well at all. Is there a good stain that matches closely to this shade that I can apply and count on to stay for several hours?
Has anyone tried the Milani metallic liquid lipsticks?  From what I have seen online they are gorgeous and I think I need them  
Hello! Sephora has stopped carrying this shade which is my fave! Is anyone else in the same situation!? Can someone recommend a similar shade? Thanks!!!
What shade of MUFE lipstick is the model wearing on the Ambient Bronzer picture?
What is the best way to wear Buxom Lip Foundations? I have mine in Nude and I struggle to find the best way to wear it. I've put a gloss over the top and it just doesn't sit right on my lips. It could be that I have the wrong shade for my skin tone. Thoughts?
I loved my Benefit "no competition" lip color- Does any brand have a similar color?
I am going to prom and I need recommendations on a lipstick color. My skin will be tan but I normally have fair skin with pink undertones. I have blue eyes and blonde hair, and my dress will be bright yellow. My favorite brands are tarte, Too Faced, and Urban Decay. Thanks! 
My favorite lipstick has been discontinued Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau in Mink. What the next best thing?
Ive tried mixing it w other colors, but I never have a great outcome. What should I do? Just suck it up n throw it away, or can I return it?
Hi guys, this is my first time posting on beauty talk, and i really need some help! I just recieved my Anastasia Beverly hills liquid lipstick in carina today, and i really wanted to love it! But i find its too bright for me (I'm a neutral or medium in most foundations). I'm wondering if a lip liner would help in any way. Has anyone used a lip liner with it? And if so, which one? Thanks in advance!
My friend bought me the Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Scarlet Luster for my birthday last year and I think the color is so beautiful! It looks amazing on...but I can NOT get it to stay. It transfers like crazy and will wipe off on anything it touches.    I've tried filling in my lip with a lip pencil before applying the product, applying a translucent powder over it to set it, and I've tried applying a lip stain underneath then this one over it. Nothing has worked so far.    Does anyone have tips for getting this product to stay on?  
Does anyone know of some good dupe(s) for the MJ lipliner in Prim(rose). This shade is super pretty and I am wondering if anyone knows of a more affordable dupe or two =)   Thanks!! 
Is the Pantone Universe Color of the Year lipstick in blue vegan?
I live remote and have a really hard time finding lipstick. I finally found one that seems to look great but now I cannot find it again. it is smashbox legendary mullberry color. any suggestions.
Pretty clueless about products and recently acquired a tube of "brownie" (which I'm getting used to), but I definitely think I need a liner to go with it.  Suggestions?
Hello I'm obsessed with the bite leche lip crayon. Can anybody recommend a matching lip liner to go with it? Thank you!
Does anyone have a recommendation for a dupe for bite lychee (not the bb but the lipstick that came in the double ended lipstick a year or two ago).