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Does anyone have a recommendation for a dupe for bite lychee (not the bb but the lipstick that came in the double ended lipstick a year or two ago).
Hi Ladies, My iPhone quit on me when I tried to write this!  So I was at Nordstrom and noticed... whoa, Antarctic dry lips, need to scrub or good lip balm or lip stick. My HG is Guerlain's Rouge G. So I went to the counter to try it on and when the SA was trying to sanitize, she only scrapped the layer off and even broke the lippie in the process. (NO! Poor form!) I asked if she could dose it in alcohol too, similar to what MAC does, but she claims that changes the formula of the lipstick when she was training.  WTF? I've seen Guerlain national artists use alcohol to clean the lipsticks. So I had a bit of a row with her and eventually she cleans it.  Ladies, do you do the alcohol method for every lipstick when testing or avoiding that for certain lipsticks?  SAs, what does Corporate ask you to do when it comes to lip testers? 
Hey beautiful people!    I'm looking for lipstick shades that are similar to Rum Raisin by Bobbi Brown or Tinted Taupe by Maybelline. Rum Raisin is my all time favorite color but it's formulation isn't the greatest for me. So, have y'all got any recommendations for a "medium plum brown" color?   Help me out
I picked up Marc Jacobs lipstick in Blow on Friday at the Rouge sale.  Unfortunately I find it very drying.  Does anyone know of a similar bourdeaux/maroon color in another brand which is less drying?  I prefer lipstick (no liquid lipstick), opaque pigmentation, long lasting, non drying.  Finish sort of in between matte and shiny, that modern look.  Thanks!
looking for flattering pink shade that is not a nude (nude tends to wash me out).  just want something for lip, not trying to play them up( as they are my worst feature).
I had been wearing Dior Addict Extreme in the color St Tropez.  I switched to some other lipsticks and now decided that St Tropez was my lipstick.  Of course, now I see that it no longer exists.  Does anyone know what happened to it and if there is another comparable color/type of lipstick that would give me the same result?
Hey lovely people of the message board. Last Christmas, I was gifted the NARS Digital World Coffret, and to say I fell in love would be an understatement. Especially since I found my perfect nude in Descanso. Unfortunately, Descanso was a limited edition shade, and I have been searching for a dupe to no avail.   My little Descanso is now officially on it's last legs, and I thought, who better to know a good dupe than these lovely folks. Can be drugstore or high end, and can definitely be matte. I'm just looking for a lipstick that is as close in color pigmentation as possible.    Thanks a million!
Too Faced French Kisses Melted Liquified Lipstick Set will be available at sephora ? if it is , when ? thank you
chanel rouge coco lipstick vendome 25 b.jpg
Hi!   Last week I bought Burnt Red lipstick from Bobbi Brown. I love the color and how long lasting it is, but it's semi-matte and has initially a very vivid color which means that whenever I use it I always have to blot it down a bunch and follow it with lipgloss. I would really love a hydrating lipstick with a similar color that I can just put on and go, without any touchups. I had Chanel #25 Vendome and it was the exact same color and so hydrating that I only needed about two swipes and I was done for the day. Sadly, I ran out and it turns out Chanel doesn't make it anymore   Any suggestions? I almost never buy makeup and have no idea what the color I'm looking for is even called, haha. Thanks!   Chanel:   Bobbi Brown:
Hi!   I've been looking for a dupe for Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Mat 3 shade. I had it around for a long time, used it once in a blue moon, SO dry! To my shock, only to realise how useful it is to create the perfect matte pout, I need more! Please help!   Thanks, Olive Face
I am in total love with Ciate London's, Kiss Play Stay. But I'm about to run out and it has been out of stock forever! Is there another product that can work magic by keeping red and berry lipsticks sealed until removed? I have tried every "trick" and earlier products on the market and nothing kept my coffee cup clean until KPS! Ideas?
HI. I really like the way that Buxom Full-On lipstick makes my lips tingle like it is plumping them a bit. Are there any other lipsticks that do that which are sold at Sephora? Thanks.
I recently bought Bite's Elderberry lipstick and am wondering what lip liner I should use? Is there one that matches it, or should I get a "universal" one?
My favourite Mac Lipglass is in the shade Nico. Mac discontinued this shade numerous years ago and I am looking for something similar. Does anyone know of a lip product in a similar shade? The shade is a lavender purple with some silver in it. It has a pearl shine.   Any suggestions for a good replacement would be appreciated!     
Hi, I'm looking for a dupe, any brand really, for the GA Lip Maestro 501.
Okay so I recently purchased the dual ended mini lipstick by bite beauty in the shades fig/date..I'm obsessed with date and immediately looked to get the full size and bite doesn't make a full size of that shade! Does anyone know if that is in the works?
Can you recommend a lip liner and lipgloss to match sephora COLOR No. 26 Love Poems - Glossy - bright orange coral
I bought Bobbi Brown's lipstick in the color Tulle on Friday and was so excited to have finally found the PERFECT everyday color for me! By Sunday morning, I realized my lips were developing an allergic reaction. I'm SO BUMMED because I'm very picky about colors and this one is perfect. Can you tell me of any "dupes" for this color, pleeease? Thank you!
Hi! I am looking for lipsticks/stains(any brand) similar to Sephora's Oh oh muted pinky brown shade. Would appreciate any suggestions!
I recently bought the  HOURGLASS Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in fresco. I'm wondering which hourglass lip liner will match with it.
Anyone tried the new colors (Beige Sunrise and Pink Sunrise) of the Dior Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper?    Are they sheer colors?  Pretty?   Any pictures? I am curious about the colors and they aren't in my local Sephora store the last time I was there....    
Or at least an inexpensive version of Buxom's full-bodied Lip Stick (not gloss/polish) in the shade Dolly, the one that came out with that cute new limited edition tube. full-bodied-lipstick-P386808
Anyone used this?  I want to find this color but in a larger diameter.  This lipstick has a very small diameter making it run out so fast.  The color is perfect. uId=1405513 Thanks!!