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Just found out Bite Beauty Release a new  Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Champaign !!! It suppose to have Rose gold pearl to it.  Now I am soooo intrigued by it, can not wait to see it!   What are your thoughts?
Bonne Bell was my first introduction to beauty products, way back when I was in grade school. I fell in love initially from all the different flavors and colors they had. And now when I'm an adult (sorta), I still prefer lip products to have flavor, especially fruity flavors.   What high end lip products do you know of that are flavored?   I know that Too Faced's Lip Injections have a strawberry flavor. ModelCo also has strawberry flavored lipsticks and glosses.
I am looking for a lip balm that doesnt turn white and lasts a whike. I am also lookjng for a lip gloss that is not sticky. I tried one by smashbox and it was very sticky.  
Hi,   I am looking for a good brand of nude lipcolor. I am fair skinned. I have picked out the following.   NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in Honeymoon Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual RAdiant Lipstick in Nude Beige Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Shiny Perfect Nude   I don't like the matte look. I am more into the glossy look. Which do you recommend??   Thank You, Maureen Z.
Found this in the sale section for $19. Looks like it's from last year but I ordered it anyway  
This is what I get for browsing Temptalia when trying to help someone else find a dupe....    I've fallen in love with this color, but of course she says she couldn't find a dupe for it, and it was limited edition.    This is Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noire - 45 Orange Euphorique. I love how glossy it is, with the hint of shimmer (which I would be fine with or without the shimmer). But I'm trying to find a glossy orangey lipstick like this! Any suggestions?  
Anyone know their exact release date? 
Hi, I'm looking for a lipstick color at sephora that matches the "Riot House" (bright peachy orange color) in the Kelly Osbourne for MAC collection. Any help?
So I'm really trying to find this colour lipstick.     It's like a neon pinky coral, but it has a definite yellow tinge to it, and it's lighter than your regular coral shades. It's almost like a pink and yellow highlighter got it on and had a baby.    Here's a pic of what I'm aiming for:   This colour, but for lips!   I'd prefer for it NOT to be a drugstore brand.     
Buy the hourglass lipgloss in Child. It is my new all time FAVORITE lipgloss, the color used on top of any ylbb lipstick is drop dead gorgeous. The texture isn't tacky, it literally glides on without feeling like it's going to slip right off.    Best. Lipgloss. Ever.    I have buxom, laura mercier, bite, nars, mac, (i could keep going) lip glosses sitting in my makeup drawer and they're going to stay there for a while because I keep reaching for this one over and over and over again.
So, I came accross this:     And this :     I'm a sucker for lip sets! I have never seen those before, but they have quite a few comments, some of them are quite old. Is that a re-release? Or an old box they found somewhere? I just order the bite set, I just love bite lipsticks so much! I want the BareMinerals glosses as well, but they are all sparkles, so I will pass   What do you think?
Hi, I'm a man and been experimenting with makeup for quite a while now. I want to wear lipstick in public , but don't want to look freakish, suggestions?
So, I want to thank you in advance for reading this novel of a plea for help, as this is going to be a little long winded, and somewhat embarrassing...because I'm a Color Expert/Beauty Studio Captain  for Sephora for over 3 years and I have found very few lips products for me that don't either get super dry, patchy, peels or get the dreaded "white ring of death" goop (so lovely) within 45 minutes of application. I'm talking all day everyday non-stop. Between appointments, consultations and helping clients for 10 hours a day, I can't find anything that doesn't look awful and I have to remove within the hour. Glosses have been the most forgiving, but **bleep** do I miss my lipsticks and high pigments!! I drink more water than most, and I've used Laura Mercier's lip silk, Hourglass No. 28 lip oil (that has worked the best), Bliss balm, Fresh (2nd best), Marc Jacobs balm, Sephora balm, Caudalie's balm, L'occitaine balm etc throughout the day and at nighttime and nothing has been a long term solution. A quick fix perhaps, but nothing substantial. I've done primers (which made it even worse in my experience), lip liners, layering pigments, hydrating glosses/lipsticks, and nothing has stayed somewhat nice except for Hourglass's long wear glosses, some YSL glossy stains, some of UD's new lipsticks, some of NARS satin lip pencils and Fresh's Honey and Petal treatments. And the liquid lipsticks/stain/matte or ultra matte are the worst on me, and I love those the most. Three other things to consider for you ladies is this: 1) I don't have Bite at my store (wahh), so I'm really interested in trying it, based on what I've heard, and any other recommendations outside of Sephora 2) I never had this problem until about a year and half ago and I was a lipstick junkie; I'm ADD and when I went back on Adderall, it ruined my ability to wear lip products COMPLETELY, and chronic dry mouth 3) and I haven't found and exfoliator that I truly love. Fresh is meh, and Bliss is pretty good, toothbrush doesn't work, but I do admit haven't been super adamant about consistently using them because it seemed like they haven't really worked. I've tried everything in my store. Seriously, am I missing something? Doing to much or too little? I'm desperate. I have DRAWERS full of lippies and it's so sad looking at it all.
I was wanting to buy some new mac lipsticks before I go to Florida next week, but I am nervous about buying them and then having them melt in the car (17 hour drive) before I can use them. Will the lipsticks be okay in the car for that long if the air is on?
I am trying to find the perfect everyday/fun buxom lip gloss shade for my medium skin tone, blonde hair, and brown eyes.
I love Sephora's Lip Last in 06 Blooming Rose...or should I say, I love the color  & matte quality. And although it goes on smooth, a minute later after it sets it feels AWFUL on the lips! Can anyone recommend something very similar that's not so cakey, drying, etc? 
hey beauties just wondering if any of you fellow makeup lovers know of a lip gloss, hell at this point any lip product that both lasts all day and is moisturizing?!?! please help my chapped pale lip self, thanks in advance!! 
I need something that will last without wearing off quickly. My teeth are a bit yellow from my cigarette smoking past (gross) so I've been told to go with something with a blue undertone.   My wedding dress is ivory and my colors are eggplant, gold and champagne. I have a medium fair complexion and golden blonde hair and green eyes. I would be open to anything from coral to rust to a dark raspberry. Matte is probably best. Bright red is too stark for me.   Any advice would be VERY appreciated!!
I love lipstick, but I don't always have the time to apply it properly. I have heard that lip crayons are easy to use and give a similar effect. Does anyone know of a gluten free high-end and a gluten free drugstore lip crayon?
Just wondering how they stack up against one another. I'd love to save a few dollars, but if the Ardency Inn doesn't pan out my money-saving scheme could backfire and end up costing more as I would end up buying the Guerlain anyway. You know how it goes.    I have pretty dry lips most of the time, so I'm mostly interested in keeping the scaly chappiness at bay.    Hope this isn't too vague or scattered - it's been a long day. Anyway,these are the specific ones: 7295?skuId=1591791 kuId=1022318   Thanks!
Looking for coral pink lipstick with blue undertones for an olive complexion- tried Bite's Corvina and looked a little too orange. Help!
I did see the other posts about lip tars on here, and I felt like creating a new thread because the last one hasn't been touched in over 6 months and I feel like there has been a lot of hype around the lip tars.   I love everything about the lip tars except for how they actually work.  They are pigmented, but they're also sticky and they have no staying power.  I guess if you don't drink/eat/talk too much they'll stay on.  I've had them wear off on me in about 4 hours, and I wasn't eating/drinking anything.    Because they're all liquidy, it's also really hard to reapply.  I can't imagine taking a lip brush and the lip tar with me to reapply.  I also hate how the product always separates and you have to shake it up really well before or it comes out all weird.   I'm wondering how everyone else feels about them.  A friend recently mentioned she was thinking of purchasing the mini lip tar set as a gift, and I told her not to because I don't think they're worth it.  There are so many better (in terms of long lasting) lip products on the market.  At least it seems like they're moving away from the claims that their lip tars are long lasting.
Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me what lipstick this is or if you know any similar ones? =) I've been searching for this kind of color forever, but can't seem to find it!  
Please help! Going to buy some more and don't know what to get. I like bright colors, corals, and pink. I don't care for shimmer though. I like matte, satin or creme sheen. Thanks
What high end lipstick could match this color? Just saw this and need it in my life,   (picture totally ripped form gatsby3's recent post, lol)  
Did anyone get the special DIOR lipstick for VIB ROUGE members? I didn't. I was NOT notified about it at all...      IF you have the lipstick:   -Is it a nice color? -Is it available at sephora for purchase? 
Does anyone know if Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm is gluten free? I just bought some on a whim and now all I can do is stare at it awkwardly until Revlon responds to my email :/
I am looking for a shade that will look like this  I heard that Mac's Sounds Like Noise is similar, but it is LE and sold out.  Can anyone please help me find the same shade? I cant believe its so difficult to find an orange lipstick that will have more yellow hues to it than red. I notice that most orange or coral lipsticks have either too much red kr pink in them. I purchased Timanfaya from Nars today but I dont like the glitter, I want it totally matte   UPDATE: I have found it! The perfect MATTE orange lipstick - Flare by Illamasqua, the orange lipstick that has more yellow to it than red! Will put pics soon! (Gotta wash my face)