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I fell in love with nyx's She devil lip crayon, its a dark dark dark purpley burgandy. I would love to find a similar shade ing a higher quality formula. the nyx color only lasted maybe in hour and was horribly runny.
This line is amazing! My new love are their Matte Lipsticks. I think it's hard to find a matte lipstick that doesn't totally dry out your lips. But these don't. And they go on so smoothly, and the color is amazing. They are only $5.99, and seriously they are better than any of the higher end matte lippies.
Audacious swatches - all 7.jpg
Beauties, how Audacious have you gotten?    I need to get some of these and am going to swatch tomorrow.   If you have Audacious lippies, show us what colors you've picked up, and share what other colors you're still lusting after.   Just from looking at swatch sheets last month, (on Temptalia I think) I saw about 15 I wanted   How about you?   Also, hat tip to jemly for inspiring this thread
Hello Everyone, I love lipsticks so much.... I bought so many in Full size... never had chance to use them for third or fourth time. I am try to save money to get the mini lipsticks.  I love High  end branded lipstick such as Chanel. Dior, YSL etc  but they never come in small size.. so I need to change to another brands. I have two sets in mind... Bite and Too Faced. I had used Bite before so I love it too. I do not know about Too Faced melted  ones yet.   I remembered  last year Bite beauty  came with the set like that...I don't know what the different colors this year and last year.   In two of these set, which set would you recommend for?     Thank you so much  I love the holiday set    Bite Beauty BEST BITE REMIX Too Faced Melted Kisses          
Has anyone tried both of them? Which one do you prefer? 
There was a challenge a few weeks ago (I couldn't find it when I did a search ) to use a product that you had bought but never used and to use it for a week.  I loved that challenge so much that I have been continuing to try different products that I bought.  I was going through one of my many, many train cases trying to look for something new that I could use for the week. And I found it!!!  Hourglass' Femme Rouge Velvet Creme lipstick!  I had heard a lot of talk on BT about the Ambient Lighting Blush over the past few weeks and how it was offered to Rouge but I never really thought to look into the brand.  Just a quick back story into how I bought the lipstick: I love the Daily Makeover website and there's a little game thingy called Virtual Makeover.  You basically upload a photo of yourself and give yourself a virtual makeover.  They have brands like Dior, Lancome, Illamasqua loaded into the selections of make up and you can pick a new hairstyle, foundation, blush ect on it.  Well, I was playing around with the lipsticks and I was looking for a few new colors since I mainly stick to plums (I was looking for more of an Orchid color really...) and I've had so much success with color matches through it that I decided to see if there were any classic reds that I might like.  So I selected the Hourglass lippie in Icon.  It looked good so I bought it but it went the way of many lipsticks that I buy that are out of the plum range and went into my train case to die a short lived life.  Fast forward to today, I was looking for something that I could use in the challenge and I was going through the lippies in the bottom of my train case.  I tried on some of the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lippies and they made my lips so dried and chapped that I was just going to try something like eye shadow for the challenge while I reached for my Advanced Lip Therapy to sooth my lips and called it a day.  But then I saw the Hourglass and opened it up.  I was kind of curious why I bought a blue-red lippie when I'm warm toned (I usually stick with warm toned colors) so I decided to try it on.  It was so amazing!!!  It instantly hydrated my lips... I don't know if that's what it was supposed to do but I just fell i  love.  Like I said I never even really heard of Hourglass before until the posts about the new blush but now I'm looking into expanding my collection and I want to find out everything I can about it.  I'm just totally shocked on how great it looks even though it's cooled toned.  In total love!!   So, is there any brand that you've bought by chance and kind of tossed aside an now realize that you're in love with?    
Good afternoon and TGIF!    I was wondering if anyone can offer up a shade similar to the one I mentioned in my question (Make Up Forever's lipstick in N9 Copper Pink), it was the lipstick in the Birthday Gift.  It's the perfect MLBB for me but I don't like the scent of this lipstick so I am hoping to find either another brand of lipstick or even lipgloss, stain, etc that is the same hue.  I am open to high end or drug store suggestions.  Thanks in advance!   Here is the link to the swatch of the product I am searching for a dupe of: 0?skuId=1396795    
Any Dupe for tarte glamazon lipstick in inspired as it is dicontinued ? Plz help Thx
Brooke Sunburnt rose.jpg
**I searched everywhere and got some great advice....but not what I really needed.   So I tried my friend's Buxom Full on Lip Polish in Brooke-Sunburnt Pink...see below.   My lips are extremely sensitive and the "tingy-ness" killed them! I have along history of allergy testing for contact dermatitis, as my Derm cannot figure out why my lips are sooo sensitive.   However, I am absolutely loving this color on me. I looked at Buxom's non-plumping gloss and no shade was even close. Can someone recommend a comparable lip gloss (def. looking for a hight shine, some sparkle is quite okay..just no glittery effect) shade w/ no plumping ingredients?    Better yet, is there a feature on Sephora in which I can compare like shades?  Tx all.  ~KAM        
Since so many people here like the Butter glosses (I'm always on the hunt for non-sticky gloss), I decided to order three of them from Target's website because there aren't many stores that sell NYX where I live.  When I went to buy them, some were sealed and some weren't, so I figured they'd been tampered with and that I'm better off ordering them (I have a Target card so i get free shipping). Anyway, they arrived and only one had the plastic wrap. The other two didn't look used, but I'm still a little concerned.    So, are NYX glosses supposed to come with plastic, or is it that some batches have and others don't? Should I return them? ***Edit, I just spoke to someone from Target, and they said all their online merchandise comes from the warehouse, not any Target stores. So maybe no one touched them?
I am looking for Urban Decay Glide-on lip pencil but cannot find color. The old one is /7 Deep, O1D3 on the side.
I'm on a lipstick binge lately! I just got some awesome suggestions for a lavender lipstick, so I'm hoping for some suggestions here, too! One of my all time favorite lipsticks is Freckletone by MAC. It's a neutral, peach nude (with maybe a hint of brown?). It's a Lustre formula, so it's kinda sheer and wears off quickly. Does anyone have a suggestion for a similar color with better staying power? My lips tend to chap easily, so matte hasn't always been my friend in the past, but I don't want to constantly rea pply. Thanks!
Hey! I'm a chinese and I need help because I want a lipstick who will suit medium to dark skintone. This will be my first lipstick ever! Please Help Me! 💋💄 Xx
OK everyone, I am torn. I love the Buxom lipgloss in Dolly and was thinking of getting the lipstick as well. Then I spied the Bite Best Bite Remix Set for this holiday season. I know I will use at least two shades from the Bite set but not sure if I will get much use out of the bolder colors.   Should I get the Bite set, Dolly lipstick or splurge and get both?
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.28.54 AM.png
  Only $595.. 9 Kiss Pops and 13 Lip Gels...  Me likey!
Not very good at matching lipliner colors. Please help! Thanks.
Thought I'd pop into my favourite Eaton Centre (Toronto) Sephora and ask if they have these in the back yet - and voila! - the nice SA went and grabbed me one and was just as excited as I was  Here are some pics and swatches!           Top to bottom: Sable Winterberry Rhubarb Pomegranate  
I have been looking for a sheer, shimmery lilac lip such as the one in the pic. Every time I find a lipstick or gloss like this in the purple family, it's either too deep or too milky-pink or too vivd/fuchsia. I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
Zadidoll just posted this find from Urban Decay's website and I have to say I'm smitten.  $39 and not yet for sale on their website, but I'm sure it will be available soon.  Assuming it will also be available on Sephora at some point?    The set contains six deluxe minis with three new shades, Ladyflower (bright rose-pink), Crush and Illicit (sheer baby pink) and three bestsellers Gash, Liar and F-Bomb.  Also included is a full-size 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone.   What do you think?             
Hello people I am looking for a Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry Lipstick dupe  Thanks so much!!
It is a natural nude and perfect for my natural lip color. It has been discontinued and my holy grail lip liner. Help!
I finally depotted my lipsticks to save space in my kit and while I was depotting, I realized there's so much extra product that we don't even think about using. It just goes to waste.    So here's the full bullet that we use.    I sliced it off and you can see that there's still product inside the tube.   Look how much is in there! That has to be at least 50 applications! There's even more in the tube that I didn't get onto the back of my tweezers.    I transferred everything that I have into this organizer from Michael's for only $2! The only downside to depotting is losing the pretty packaging expensive lipsticks. Mine are all from the drugstore, so I wasn't reluctant to depot these!
I love a gloss feel for lipstick with highly pigmented color. Would like to find a nude/pink lip to replace my discontinued Bare Mineral "Free Will". Any suggestions?
So I stared at my collection last night and rifled through for a good nude lipstick when I realized something.   I really only have pure beigey-nudes. I have one that leans slightly pink, maybe, but it's not quite what I would like to have in my arsenal. This is an unacceptable gap I need to fill up, obviously, especially since I tend to top all my nude lippies with a pink-tinted gloss!   Now I would love to find the perfect pale slightly pink-undertoned nude lipstick that will not wash me out. I'm on the pale side, between NW15 and NW20, though in the summer I can pull off NW20 for maybe a month. Tom Ford Blush Nude seems to fit the bill judging by swatches online, but I'd like to know my other options in formulas such as Nars Audacious, Givenchy Le Rouge, Guerlain KissKiss, Chanel Rouge Allure, YSL, Bite Beauty, Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy, Rouge Dior, etc. I do prefer more moisturizing and luxurious formulations. I am comfortable with a $20 to $40 price range.   Looking forward to some awesome suggestions! Thanks, everyone!
The set of 4 lip pencils is still not available, but here's one set: Bite Beauty Lip Love Kit What it is: A lip kit filled with four coveted treatment essentials so that lips stay soft, supple, nourished, and protected. What it does: Give your lips some love. This kit offers everything you need to treat lips—day and night: Exfoliate and smooth lips with the Deluxe Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub, replenish moisture with the leave-on Agave Lip Mask, enhance and protect with the Full-size BB For Lips, and remove lip color while you hydrate with the two Lush Lip Wipes. Infused with nourishing, hydrating, and antioxidant properties, this must-have kit ensures that lips stay as soft and healthy as they can be. This set contains: - 2 x 0.13 oz Lush Lip wipe - 0.13 oz Whipped Cherry fruit scrub (full size is 0.26, so this is 1/2 size) - 0.18 oz BB for Lips in Tawny (the full size is 0.12, so I'm not sure if this is a typo?) - 0.18 oz Agave Lip Mask (full size is 0.52 oz, so this is ~1/3 the size) 1625037
Hi beauties,      I know some have been debating this set, so I thought I would swatch it so people could see how shimmery, glittery it is.   The colors all read super frosty IRL on me, and they have that really coarse, scratchy glitter.  I included a swatch wipe on tissue to show the glitter flecks more.   Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny   Shimmering Naked Dolly   Shimmering Spice Spice Baby
Hi all,      I recently purchased the Too Faced La Creme holiday sampler, and while I'm loving the formulation and packaging, the colors are a bit frosty for my taste.   Does anyone have any tips for how I can tone down the frostiness?   This probably doesn't make any sense, but when the description said shimmering, I immediately expected it to be golden glitter for these colors, but sadly they are icy silver.   Thanks!
I'm really interested in trying out the new Nars Audacious Lipstick line. However, since they're pricey, I want to make sure its a beautiful everyday color that would go great with my skin tone, and of course, make my teeth look whiter! I have a light, very warm skin tone! Think MUFE HD in shade 120! Any suggestions?