Kat Von D Bow and Arrow everlasting lipstick?! will you havae it in stock again?
will there be stock for the kat von d lipstick Bow and Arrow?
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Ulta still has the Tarte Kiss and Makeup lipstick set!!!
Was almost ready to pay CRAZY Ebay prices and did a a quick google search and was able to see Ulta still had them as Sephora and Tarte have been sold out of them for a long time!! Just in case anyone didn't know like me!!
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I just bought aura hourglass lip stain, in flush.
Has aura changed their aura lip stain colors? The flush I bought by mail is lighter than the last two tubes I bought.
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Need Lip Color Assistance ASAP! lol LIP-Color-CRISIS!
I bought 1 of the Lancome Lip Lover Glosses in - 313 Rose Ballet - Light Rose Pink ( it looked like it would have been brighter & light my face up ). It's a very pretty shade but I thought it would be brighter! I was wanting something that wasn't such a natural'ish match to my lip's (know what I mean). I was thinking it would be brighter kinda like the Lancome lipsticks are . I want a bright but wearable orange/coral/bright rose w/ orange/coral type deal ( u know the Orange Lip w/ out it blowing my face off! lol ) I almost bought 334- Corail Cabriole - Bright Pink-Coral ( but don't want it to be too close in color to my Bobbi- Brown Lipstick - 11 Pink Apricot Shimmer ), 316 Rose Attrape-Coeur - Bright Rose Pink, and 336- Orange Manege - Orange (It kinda looks scary but could be beautiful!) SO, I was gonna send the 313 back 2morr (I have this color kinda close in the Buxom gloss already & dig it) & purchase (replace) w/ my new & amazing (life changing, hehe) color tonight! But I desperately need some advice on the colors & would just be tickled pink if anyone on here who has any (or all) of these colors I'm diggin to maybe swatch them for me (on the hand OR lip's would be awesome & OH SO helpful)! Does anyone have any of these are seen/ played w/ them in person? I would SO, SO, SO be appreciative! I got's to snag my goodies before my hubby beats me to the punch w/ one of his perty town spending party's! lol Any insight...or swatches (lol)?! Thanks in advance! I will linger around for awhile & hope to see what's up! * oh yeah, 1 more thing, I am in LOVE w/ the YSL Rebel Nudes too. I haven't bought 1 yet but have been planning on 106 Beige Anarchist - nude pink (but have heard they are a bit different when it comes to application than the samples {that I did stock on} but still think I would LOVE), BUT I do see at least 1 or 2 that may be what I am looking for color wise (but love long-wear that's comfortable w/ moisture). These colors are 102 Corail Mutin - peachy coral , and (maybe?) 105 Corail Hold Up - pink coral. I haven't got to see any of these colors in person & would love to see them swatched or preferably on someone's lip's! Anyone?! I LOVE both formula's but think maybe the Lancome would be better for this color but what do I know! Thanks Again in advance & please help a sister out ! xo
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Lipstick shade similar to Too Faced Melted Candy?
I love Melted Candy and I know it's on TF's website now, but I prefer shopping at Sephora and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on possible dupes for it. Thanks!
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Dupe for YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Devotion in Pink 6
I love this colour, but I would love a matte version of this, does anyone know of any dupes?
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Lipstick match help!
I'm completely in love with the "nude brown pink" from the Makeup Academy Blockbuster video to complete the street style look. Is there an actual lipstick version of it I could purchase? Or a similar color by Sephora?   I would love to find the match of it because its much more convenient to have a lipstick in a bag rather than carry the whole set with me!
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swatch request: SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Cream Lipstick
Hi lovelies, I need swatches for SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Cream Lipstick.Also, please suggest any good colors as I have pale fair skin (asian tone) ans not every pink looks good on me.Thanks
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which urban decay lip liner goes with f-bomb ud lipstick?
which urban decay lip liner goes with f-bomb ud lipstick
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Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Endless Purple- Where are you? Help!
I am so obsessed with the Sephora Cream Lip Stains and my most favorite color is Endless Purple. My tube is almost empty so I stopped into Sephora to pick up another. Couldn't find it. I figured I could order it online, but I have found that it is the ONLY color that is out of stock! I am really hoping that it is just a popular color and that they haven't stopped producing it! Is there a way to find out if they have stopped manufacturing Endless Purple? I need it!
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Ok, I just saw a pic of Berry Blue lip's from MAC and they look awesome. I myself couldn't wear it but if I could I would
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YSL Mat Lipstick in Orange Imagine?
Hi gals, I am one of those people on whom pretty much all "red" lipstick looks pink.  Wondering if anyone else with this issue has tried the YSL Mats Lipstick in the Orange Imagine?
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Tom Ford Spring 2014 Collection
If anyone has gotten or has swatched the new lip color conditioner from Tom Ford, I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Which Peach Lipstick is Best for Olive Skin?
I'm trying to find a lipstick for spring. I have an olive skin tone, that's anywhere between light to light/medium in spring, then more medium in summer.
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Vincent Longo - Gel Lip Stains, Any Reviews?
Thinking of getting the Longo Lip Stain in Angel's Touch.  Which I think is a sheer COOL purple-berry.     Then again, Sweet Appolonia seemed like a sheer pinky berry on the websites I was shopping, but I found a review and this was the pic!!!  She said it was a deep red, so deep she wouldn't wear it unless it was a costume event/special thing.     I can't really find any lip pics or reviews of Angel's Touch.   Has anyone tried these, what do you think?  Anyone try this shade or have swatches/pics?   Thanks!  
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Sandwash Pink Lipstick
Can anyone suggest a lip stain that would be similar to the Sandwash Pink color? I love the Sandwash Pink, but I need a lipstick that will stay on just a little longer? Thanks!
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Colors similar to Stila ColorBalm in Vivienne?
It doesn't have to be an exact dupe - but I absolutely LOVED the Stila Color Balm 100 pt perk. Can anyone recommend similar colors to me? Thanks! (The lipcolor is described as "terracotta rose")
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OCC Launches Little Black Dress Stained Gloss on Black Friday
"LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ Stained Gloss, OCC’s newest colour innovation, imparts high-impact shine and subtly defines lips with a sheer veil of black pigment. "   Credits to/More info on Temptalia.  
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Does anyone know of a dupe for Bite Beauty lip pencil in the color Scarlet?
I've lost my favorite lipstick, "Scarlet" by Bite Beauty, and I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet. I can find the same product on the Sephora website, but not the same shade. It's a super dark,opaque wine red color. Does anyone know of a dupe for it? Any suggestions about other products or other places to find this product would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Cinderella Lipstick set back up!! stick-set-P375997?icid2=DisneyCinderella_Carousel_ ... Get it while you can!!!
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Kat Von D Missing Lipstick
I got the Spellbinding Lipstick Set with 10 mini lipsticks... and somehow lost my favorite one :'( It's the shade mau5 described as a deep pinky purple. It's not a shade that she sells now so does anyone know a comparable color or if she will be launching this shade soon? Mau5 is the color fourth from the left: (these aren't my pictures... the top is from ebay and the bottom picture is from  lipglossgossip blog)
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Lipstick recommendation?
Can anyone recommend a lipstick that is like the Bite Rouge Lipstick? I love the formulation - very pigmented and does not budge, no need for reapplication. The other Bite lipsticks seem to be very much more moisturizing and less long lasting. Is there another lipstick that has the same type of formulation as the Bite Rouge Lipstick?
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Hi everyone!!! Need your help/recommendation about BOBBI BROWN Creamy Matte Lip Color-Warm Beige - pink brown and Color -Tawny Pink - pink mauve. Can anybody upload picture wearing any of aforementioned  lipsticks? Want to buy, but a bit confused in choosing the color. Thank you in advance. 
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D&G lip duo exotic
Has anyone with a warm skin tone tried the Dolce and Gabbana lip duo in exotic? I know this color is more suited to cool skin tones, but I wonder if it could work in a contrasting way on warm skin. I have fair/light skin. 
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New Benefit Product?
Has anyone tried Benefit's new Hydra-Smooth Lip Colors? I saw them online and they look really interesting, but I don't know how well they work... tell me what you think of them if you've tried them out
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Jack Black Balm
I noticed their website has a new quad set. and theres also other flavors that aren't on Sephora's website- Mango Mandarin, Açai Berry & Vanilla, Shea Butter & Vitamin E. Will sephora be getting these online?
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Bite Beauty Favorite Shade?
I really like Bite Beauty lipsticks not only for the creamy consistency but also because they lack all the bad ingredients that scare me in other products.     I'm a natural pink kind of girl when it comes to everyday lipstick.  My absolute favorite from Bite Beauty so far has been Fig.  Unfortunately that is out of stock.  I'm hoping it will come back before my next order, but I've also been trying to explore other color options too.     I'm thinking about Quinta or Rose.  Vouvray looks pretty but is also out of stock.   What are your favorite shades from the line? 
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Korres cheek butter
I love to use the Korres cheek butter in "philia rose" on my lips, I adore the color and the matte effect. The problem is that it totally dries out my lips even with heavy duty moisturizer. Can you suggest an alternative product that will look as similar as possible? A lipstick is ok too.
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