Lipstick shade finder?

Does anyone know where that lipstick finder thing went?  I'm trying to see which colours would work best for my skin: fair skin with cool undertones...or is it pink undertones? or is that the same thing? I'm obviously confused.  (i'm a redhead with fair skin- duh and blue eyes with blueish veins.) I live in Australia so I can't just run down to sephora. Smiley Sad

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I loved MUFE's lipstick shade finder and was sad when it went away. If you have a Sephora near you they do have a liptick matching system on paper using your ColorIQ number. I'd give that a try.


eta Oops sorry I see you are not near a Sephora. Well, maybe they can still help you. If you know your shade in a foundation sold by Sephora they can give you a ColorIQ match. You can do this online by yourself. Then try calling CS to see if they have the paper lipstick shade finder that is carried in stores. It's a referral sheet for cast members.

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MUFE did have a lipstick shade finder, it's mia. Google lipstick shade finder to get ideas what will work.

Sephora does have a list by lipstick color. It's not letting me post the link, but use sephora's search and use hot now, then on the left choose lips.


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Maybe this will work:


I had had no idea about this page. LOVE it!  Thanks!

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That's it Smiley Happy


I'm not using a pc, so site won't allow my version of copy/paste.

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