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So I have been wondering about this particular product for a long while now and since I have seen it pop up on the boards recently I thought I would ask all you BTers to tell me about it. I don't live anywhere near a store that I could look at this in person, so I am turning to BT. Smiley Very Happy


Tell me about this blue mystery.

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Thank you for the swatch. It looks very pretty.

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I bought a tube and LOVE it.

It is very similar to Clinique black honey, but it is so moisturizing!

It is the consistency of a lip balm, and the color is build-able, so you can change how light or  dark the color appears by how many layers you apply. About three layers of Hey Sailor is equal to one layer of Black Honey.

It isn't opaque at all, it is very sheer.


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Lip balm consistency I like. XD Also, sheer is good. I am pretty sure I do the laziest lip in the west as far as makeup so I am a big fan of sheer.

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I just tried this at Ulta about a week ago. It is suppose to make your teeth look whiter. I have to tell you, it did nothing special for me. It was not ugly or anything but is did not make any difference in my teeth color. I can wear a lipstick with a purple hue and it does the same thing.

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I'll admit I am totally suckered in by it actually being blue, though I realize that its mainly irrelevant. XD I have a nice sheer plum lip color that I guess I should see if I can wear regularly before I even think about getting another (weather it looks like amazing alien make up or not). Me and lip colors, we always seem to have problems.

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