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In these nasty, windy winter months, my lips obviously get pretty chapped. I normally use Rosebud Salve, but I've gotten sick of the not so great taste and it's far from portable. I'm looking for a delicious, good quality, easy to transport lipbalm. Any ideas?




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My lips get easily chapped in the winter! Between the weather and all the dark/matte colored lipsticks drying my lips out its impossible for me to find a product that really works. I tried the Fresh Sugar lip treatment and it does smell good and feels soothing when it is on. However, it doesn't have a taste at all and while it doesn't make my lips any dryer than they already are, it doesn't improve them either. It just feels good 'til it wears off (which is pretty quickly). I will say, though, that it does have a very pretty gloss to it and looks great on. But for $25 I wanted it to do more Smiley Sad

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