violent lips


I've been hearing a lot about this new brand, Violent Lips.

Apparently, they make temporary lip tattoos that look like lipstick...well, art. Smiley Very Happy

They do look pretty cool, and I'd love to get a set to try out.

Have you heard about them? Have you tried them? If so, what do you think? If not, are you interested? Here are some examples:

I have to say, I'd probably wear the Union Jack ones on the top!

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I have actually seen these in real life on some people! I was at a runway show and a few of the models had these on their lips. I think they had the Red Leopard and a Hot Pink Stripe. They were actually SUPER cool. I don't know if I'd wear them just because I dont feel I could pull them off but I think they are really fun and actually pretty on the lips. It is more of an outrageous look but hey why not! 


My friend also wore the American Flag ones on 4th of July and got so many compliments. People were obsessing over her lips. They looked really cool and very patriotic! They actually lasted a pretty good amount of time also, they lasted about 4 hours, but she was eating and drinking the entire night! She did comment on how they felt a little weird but they looked pretty awesome!


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