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I hope someone can help: I love red lipstick, but there is always a problem with me wearing it, either I look like lady vampira or the walking dead. I normally wear the red lip with black eyeliner. What can I do better so I look confident with a red lip instead of dead?

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Take the lipstick your wearing and rub some on your hand and mix in  some lotion and over your foundation before it sets rub the lipstick mix into your cheeks.  Set it all with powder.  Put on your lipstick and blot it on paper.  Go over your lips with a fun gloss or more lipstick.  Also use a little bronzer.  Oh yeah, go light and classic on the eyes.  A neutral shimmery taupe or champagne shadow with a brown pencil liner and lots of black mascara.   

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I would suggest either focusing on just your eyes or just your lips.  Or maybe you could soften up your eyes a bit by using a brown eyeliner or just some mascara?  


I would really suggest taking a look at Make Up Forever's Lipstick Finder.  You'll be able to find the perfect pink, red, and nude lipsticks based on your skin tone and hair colour.


Good luck and I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Well I think the problem is you are choosing the wrong shade of red it may be a little to dark or to light you have to pick a shade that looks nice on your skin tone

I also think you might be over doing it with the black eyeliner

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As a general guideline, you'll look best wearing bold red colors if you figure out the undertones in your skin to help guide you.  If you're cool-toned, you probably look better in silver jewelry and certain reds. Take a look at some of the tips below:

  • When choosing for a cool-toned red, look for blue-based reds. Names like garnet, berry, cherry, and wine often suggest cooler shades.
  • Yellow teeth?  Cool-toned reds will help neutralize the dinginess.
  • If you are a brunette, a flaming bright redhead, or a platinum blonde, chances are that bluish-reds will look great on you.  Also, deeper skin tones look great in these shades.


I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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I agree with  therealkimbabe. It's better to emphasize one feature of your face and let the others be a little more natural.  On days when you want to go with a red lip, try a grey or brown liner.   Also I'm a redhead w/ fair skin. I'm 40 and never wore red lipstick until recently. I had gotten the buxom lip pack of four dif colors of sticks and 4 of gloss. One of them was a red. I tried it and was like wow! it didn't look bad - it actually looks good. It was a dif shade of red then I had ever pictured. So, particularly if your pale wear I can see why bright red lips could make you look goth, you should try other shades.  Hope this helps.Smiley Wink

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It absolutely depends on your skin's undertone. I don't put blue based reds on very many people except a select few.  If someone has very light rosy skin, I will use the blue red, the contrast is flattering. The wrong red on dark skin looks sooo bad. To be safe, just go with a classic red such as Illamasqua's Maneater. If your skin is warm like mine, you could even try Encounter, which is a brick red by Illamasqua as well.


The reason you could be looking vampy is you are keeping everything matte. This look is very dated, you want to use a bit of gloss in the center of the lip to accentuate your lip shape, and bring in some gleam to look modern and fresh. Don't use the lipgloss anywhere but the center, it will look stupid and bleed everywhere. I always use Lancome Juicy Tubes, since they are a bit sticky and thick, your lips wont bleed.. I like the shimmery clear white shade Pure.


Don't ever, ever, ever, I repeat skip out on the lipliner. You will look silly. Fill in your whole lips before hand, not just around.

Make sure your lips are moisturized, and exfoliated..Fresh makes a nice lip scrub, this is important.


The finish of your foundation is up to you. Are you trying to do a pinup look like Marilyn Monroe? Then keep your foundation matte. Looking for something more fresh? Try a dewy foundation such as Nars Sheer Glow, dewy skin.


Keep the eyeshadow matte. You don't want to stray away from your natural beauty by overcontouring and using crazy colors. However, using  a shimmery highlight color will help bring out your natural bone structure.

Long, Long, Lashes to bring out your eyeshape. Diorshow and Imju Fiberwig are both wonderful!


Set everything with a light powder.


 I know that was long, But I hoped it helped a little..=-))

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I never skip eyeliner, so you don't necessarily have to avoid wearing it when you wear a red lipstick, but if you're drawing too thick of a line, it might be a bit too dramatic looking, especially paired with a red lip. If you cannot skip the liner, keep the line very thin and close to the lash line, and skip shadow.


You also may not have found a good red that works for you. I would try a sheer, buildable red first, such as NARS Gipsy (described as a warm berry but really a sheer, neutral red) or MAC Hot Tahiti. One coat will leave a sheer red wash, but several will have a more dramatic effect. A general rule of thumb is that if your skin is warm-toned (yellow or golden undertones), you look best in orange-based or warmer reds, and if your skin is cooler toned (pink undertones), you will look best in a blue-based red shade. To be safe, stick with neutral reds.


Good luck! : )

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